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Common Tasks using Evil vim-style editingλ︎

Copy Cut Pasteλ︎

Copy, cut and paste commands use the Emacs kill-ring, which maintains a complete history of values cut or copied since Emacs was started.

Copy - yankλ︎

Copy is known as yank in Emacs terminology.

y to yank the currently selected text into the kill-ring, typically used with visual select and motions

y y to yank the current line

Cut commands followed by u to undo are effectively the same as using copy




p to paste the contents of the kill-ring

C-j and C-k scroll through the kill-ring history, allowing previously cut and copied values to be selected

p copies any selected text into the kill-ring and will be pasted the next time p is pressed

P pastes the contents of the kill-ring, without copying selected text. Use P if replacing the same text in several places or consider using iedit to replace multiple selections