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Configure default upstream remote branchλ︎

The first time you pull changes from a repository (or if cloning via Magit), the default upstream remote and branch is set.

F u will pull all the changes from the default upstream remote branch.

Spacemacs Magit pull default upstream

Changing the default remoteλ︎

To change the default upstream, first unset the default value and then add a new default.

F to open the pull menu

C to open the configuration of the local repository

Spacemacs Magit Pull remote default configuration

u to unset the default upstream branch (removed the description too)

u to add a new upstream branch as the default, showing a list of all possible remote branches.

RTN to choose a branch

G-g to close the configuration menu. Then either u to pull from the new default upstream branch, or C-g to exit the pull menu.