Reference: Java Virtual Machine

Understand the configuration options for the Java Virtual machine (JVM) which Clojure is hosted upon.

Overview of tools for monitoring and profiling Clojure applications running on the JVM, to ensure effective running of Clojure applications in production.

JVM option types

-X - nonstandard VM options

-XX standard VM options

-XX options are not checked for validity, so are ignored if the VM does not recognize the option. Options can therefore be used across different VM versions without ensuring a particular level of the VM.

-D a system property for the application running on the JVM using a name=value

Java Modules

Java 9 introduced modules to move features out of JVM itself and include them as optional modules.

Before CLJS-2377 issue was resolved, ClojureScript (2017) depended on java.xml.bind.DataTypeConverter. java.xml.bind package was deprecated in Java 9 and moved to a non-default module.

At that time, compiling a ClojureScript project without adding the java.xml.bind module would return the error:

<Exception details>
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter

clojure J--add-modules "java.xml.bind" command line option will include the module

:jvm-opts ["--add-modules" "java.xml.bind"] added to Clojure CLI deps.edn or Leiningen project.clj file will include the module.

-Djdk.launcher.addmods=java.xml.bind added to the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS environment variable (jdk.launcher.addmods --add-modules doesnt work in JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS)

Unified Logging sub-system

-Xlog - JEP 158


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