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Practicalli Clojureλ︎

Getting started with Clojure programming language using Clojure CLI and community tools.

A practical guide to learning Clojure with step by step explanations of code and design decisions and live coding videos to demonstrate the Clojure REPL workflow.

John Stevenson,

Clojure - an elegant language for a more civilised development experience

Clojure REPL Driven Developmentλ︎

Clojure Repl workflow - concept

Clojure runs in a REPL process that provides instant feedback as code is written, encouraging experimentation and allowing effective designs to evolve rapidly and with confidence that comes with a clear understanding.

The REPL is Clojure interactive environment used to create an run Clojure code, in both development and production. Quickly grow confidence with Clojure by evaluating, breaking, fixing and extending code in the REPL. All the while getting instant feedback on what the code is doing.

Adrian Cockcroft - formally Cloud Architect, Netflix

The most productive programmers I know are writing everything in Clojure and swearing by it and then just producing ridiculously sophisticated things in a very short time. And that programmer productivity matters.

About the bookλ︎

Practicalli Clojure provides a hands on approach to learning Clojure through the entire development workflow.

As we work through code we will discuss the concepts behind Clojure, including functional programming, "pure" functions and a stateless approach with persistent data structures, changing state safely, Java interoperability and tooling around Clojure.

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Sponsor practicalli-john

The majority of my work is now focused on the Practicalli series of books and videos and an advisory role with several communities

Thank you to Cognitect, Nubank and a wide range of other sponsors from the Clojure community for your continued support

Creative commons licenseλ︎

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 ShareAlike License (including images & stylesheets).

Last update: February 10, 2023