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Practicalli Clojureλ︎

Practicalli Clojure is a hands-on guide to using Clojure throughout all the software development stages. Live coding videos demonstrate the Clojure REPL workflow in action, showing how to get the most out of the unique approach the language provides.

Discover how to make the most of Clojure CLI and community tools, drawing from commercial experiences and community discussions.

Practical code examples are supported by discussions of the concepts behind Clojure, including functional programming, "pure" functions and a stateless approach with persistent data structures, changing state safely, Java interoperability and tooling around Clojure.

John Stevenson,

Clojure - an elegant language for a more civilised development experience

Clojure REPL Driven Developmentλ︎

Clojure Repl workflow - concept

The Clojure REPL is interactive environment used to run Clojure code in both development and production. The REPL workflow provides an instant feedback loop so individual pieces of code (expressions) can be evaluatived, quickly growing confidence with Clojure and rapidly evolving effective designs.

Clojure Languageλ︎

Clojure programming language has a strong dynamic type system and a simple syntax that is a joy to work with. Immutable values and a pragmatic approach to pure functional programming makes it easier to create simple and highly maintainable systems. A specification library ensures values are of the correct shape, especially valuable when receiving data from outside of Clojure.

Clojure has an open source license and a large number of open source libraries and tools. Simple host interoperability allows a even more libraries to be leveraged.

Adrian Cockcroft - formally Cloud Architect, Netflix

The most productive programmers I know are writing everything in Clojure ... producing ridiculously sophisticated things in a very short time. And that programmer productivity matters.

Clojure REPL Workflow overview Clojure REPL

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Creative commons licenseλ︎

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