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Practicalli Project Templatesλ︎

Practicalli Project templates provides tools for a REPL Reloaded Workflow and several production grade project configurations.

:project/create alias defined in Practicalli Clojure CLI Config provides` provides seancorfield/deps-new tool for creating projects, including the Practicalli Project Templates

clojure -T:project/create 

Available Templatesλ︎

Use the :template command line argument to specify a project template to generate the new Clojure project.

  • practicalli/minimal - essential tools, libraries and example code
  • practicalli/application - general Clojure production level project template
  • practicalli/service - production level web services template with Http-kit, Reitit and Swagger. Optional : component management with :donut or :integrant
  • pracicalli/landing-page - simple clojurescript website with CSS and Figheel-main build tool.

Create service project with Donut System components

clojure -T:project/create :template practicalli/service :name practicalli/todo-list :component :donut

Common Template Designλ︎

practicalli/project-templates provide production level templates that include Practicalli tools, Docker & Compose configurations, Makefile tasks for a consistent command line UI and GitHub workflows to manage quality of code and configuration.

Custom user namespaceλ︎

Practicalli dev/user.clj adds tools to the REPL on start up

  • mulog_events.clj custom publisher sends log events to portal
  • portal.clj launch portal data inspector and set log global context
  • system_repl.clj Component services e.g. donut-party/system, integrant REPL
  • user.clj provides help for custom user namespace, loads portal, mulog and tools.namespace.repl to support reloading Clojure code

Make tasksλ︎

Makefile defines targets used across Practicalli projects, following the 🌐 make standard targets for users

  • all calling all targets to prepare the application to be run. e.g. all: deps test-ci dist clean
  • deps download library dependencies (depend on deps.edn file)
  • dist create a distribution tar file for this program or zip deployment package for AWS Lambda
  • lint run lint tools to check code quality - e.g MegaLinter which provides a wide range of tools
  • format-check report format and style issues for a specific programming language
  • format-fix update source code files if there are format and style issues for a specific programming language
  • pre-commit run unit tests and code quality targets before considering a Git commit
  • repl run an interactive run-time environment for the programming language
  • test-unit run all unit tests
  • test-ci test running in CI build (optionally focus on integration testing)
  • clean remove files created by any of the commands from other targets (i.e. ensure a clean build each time)

Practicalli Makefile also defines docker targets to build and compose images locally, inspect images and prune containers and images.

  • docker-build build Clojure project and run with docker compose
  • docker-build-clean build Clojure project and run with docker compose, removing orphans
  • docker-down shut down containers in docker compose
  • swagger-editor start Swagger Editor in Docker
  • swagger-editor-down stop Swagger Editor in Docker


Docker configuration builds and runs the Clojure project in a Docker container, orchestrating with other services including a Database.

The service and application project templates include the following files

  • Dockerfile multi-stage build and run, with JVM optomisations for a Docker container
  • .dockerignore patterns to opomise copying of files to the docker build image
  • compose.yaml configuration for orchestrating additional services, e.g. postgresql database