Test Runners

A Test runner is a tool to run test in a project and report the results. During development test runners are called from editors or run om the command line and can be configured to run automatically when changes are detected in the code.

Regularly running some or all of the tests in a project checks the design decisions made so far have not regressed by additional development.

Test runners are highly recommended step as part of continuous integration and should be used in conjunction with a CI Server for every project.

All code should compile

All the code in the project should be correct Clojure code and compiled unless commented with ;;, a (comment ,,,) blocks or prefixed with the #_ reader macro. If code is know not to be correct, ;; comment is recommended comment approach.

Which test runner to use

Test runner Type Summary
cognitect-labs test runner clj Defacto test runner for deps.edn projects
cljs-test-runner cljs Run all ClojureScript tests with one simple command.
Kaocha clj, cljs Full featured next gen test runner
CIDER test runner clj CIDER built in test runner

CIDER test runner is ideal if using Emacs for Clojure development, as its build into CIDER.

Cognitect test runner is the defacto tool Clojure deps projects on the command line and with CI servers. cljs-test-runner for ClojureScript deps projects, complementing the Cognitect test runner. Automatic discover of cljs.test based tests, so no configuration required.

Kaocha is a very feature rich test runner for Clojure and ClojureScript, BDD style cucumber tests, coverage and junit style reporting. Kaocha takes a little bit more effort to learn due to the additional features it provides.

deps.edn aliases for test runners

Aliases for these test runners are provided the practicalli/clojure-deps.edn configuration.

Improving test result readability

Include the :env/test alias when starting a REPL to include the Humane Test Output library, which will pretty print results

Add the following code to a user namespace on the class path (i.e. a dev/user.clj file if including the :env/dev alias)

(require '[pjstadig.humane-test-output :as humane-test-results])

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