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Reference: Java 17 JVM flagsλ︎

A complete list of all flags available for the JVM, created using the -XX:+PrintFlagsFinal option and the results written to a file

java -XX:+PrintFlagsFinal >

Find specific flags by using grep on the output with a name

java -XX:+PrintFlagsFinal -version | grep MaxHeap
Type Name Units ? ?
uintx MaxHeapFreeRatio 70 {manageable} {default}
size_t MaxHeapSize 8342470656 {product} {ergonomic}
size_t SoftMaxHeapSize 8342470656 {manageable} {ergonomic}

Full list of JVM flagsλ︎

Type Option Name Default value Product Category
int ActiveProcessorCount -1 {product} {default}
uintx AdaptiveSizeDecrementScaleFactor 4 {product} {default}
uintx AdaptiveSizeMajorGCDecayTimeScale 10 {product} {default}
uintx AdaptiveSizePolicyCollectionCostMargin 50 {product} {default}
uintx AdaptiveSizePolicyInitializingSteps 20 {product} {default}
uintx AdaptiveSizePolicyOutputInterval 0 {product} {default}
uintx AdaptiveSizePolicyWeight 10 {product} {default}
uintx AdaptiveSizeThroughPutPolicy 0 {product} {default}
uintx AdaptiveTimeWeight 25 {product} {default}
bool AdjustStackSizeForTLS false {product} {default}
bool AggressiveHeap false {product} {default}
intx AliasLevel 3 {C2 product} {default}
bool AlignVector false {C2 product} {default}
ccstr AllocateHeapAt {product} {default}
intx AllocateInstancePrefetchLines 1 {product} {default}
intx AllocatePrefetchDistance 256 {product} {default}
intx AllocatePrefetchInstr 0 {product} {default}
intx AllocatePrefetchLines 3 {product} {default}
intx AllocatePrefetchStepSize 64 {product} {default}
intx AllocatePrefetchStyle 1 {product} {default}
bool AllowParallelDefineClass false {product} {default}
bool AllowRedefinitionToAddDeleteMethods false {product} {default}
bool AllowUserSignalHandlers false {product} {default}
bool AllowVectorizeOnDemand true {C2 product} {default}
bool AlwaysActAsServerClassMachine false {product} {default}
bool AlwaysCompileLoopMethods false {product} {default}
bool AlwaysLockClassLoader false {product} {default}
bool AlwaysPreTouch false {product} {default}
bool AlwaysRestoreFPU false {product} {default}
bool AlwaysTenure false {product} {default}
ccstr ArchiveClassesAtExit {product} {default}
intx ArrayCopyLoadStoreMaxElem 8 {C2 product} {default}
size_t AsyncLogBufferSize 2097152 {product} {default}
intx AutoBoxCacheMax 128 {C2 product} {default}
intx BCEATraceLevel 0 {product} {default}
bool BackgroundCompilation true {pd product} {default}
size_t BaseFootPrintEstimate 268435456 {product} {default}
intx BiasedLockingBulkRebiasThreshold 20 {product} {default}
intx BiasedLockingBulkRevokeThreshold 40 {product} {default}
intx BiasedLockingDecayTime 25000 {product} {default}
intx BiasedLockingStartupDelay 0 {product} {default}
bool BlockLayoutByFrequency true {C2 product} {default}
intx BlockLayoutMinDiamondPercentage 20 {C2 product} {default}
bool BlockLayoutRotateLoops true {C2 product} {default}
intx C1InlineStackLimit 5 {C1 product} {default}
intx C1MaxInlineLevel 9 {C1 product} {default}
intx C1MaxInlineSize 35 {C1 product} {default}
intx C1MaxRecursiveInlineLevel 1 {C1 product} {default}
intx C1MaxTrivialSize 6 {C1 product} {default}
bool C1OptimizeVirtualCallProfiling true {C1 product} {default}
bool C1ProfileBranches true {C1 product} {default}
bool C1ProfileCalls true {C1 product} {default}
bool C1ProfileCheckcasts true {C1 product} {default}
bool C1ProfileInlinedCalls true {C1 product} {default}
bool C1ProfileVirtualCalls true {C1 product} {default}
bool C1UpdateMethodData true {C1 product} {default}
intx CICompilerCount 12 {product} {ergonomic}
bool CICompilerCountPerCPU true {product} {default}
bool CITime false {product} {default}
bool CheckJNICalls false {product} {default}
bool ClassUnloading true {product} {default}
bool ClassUnloadingWithConcurrentMark true {product} {default}
bool ClipInlining true {product} {default}
uintx CodeCacheExpansionSize 65536 {pd product} {default}
bool CompactStrings true {pd product} {default}
ccstr CompilationMode default {product} {default}
ccstrlist CompileCommand {product} {default}
ccstr CompileCommandFile {product} {default}
ccstrlist CompileOnly {product} {default}
intx CompileThreshold 10000 {pd product} {default}
double CompileThresholdScaling 1.000000 {product} {default}
intx CompilerThreadPriority -1 {product} {default}
intx CompilerThreadStackSize 1024 {pd product} {default}
size_t CompressedClassSpaceSize 1073741824 {product} {default}
uint ConcGCThreads 3 {product} {ergonomic}
intx ConditionalMoveLimit 3 {C2 pd product} {default}
intx ContendedPaddingWidth 128 {product} {default}
bool CrashOnOutOfMemoryError false {product} {default}
bool CreateCoredumpOnCrash true {product} {default}
bool CriticalJNINatives false {product} {default}
bool DTraceAllocProbes false {product} {default}
bool DTraceMethodProbes false {product} {default}
bool DTraceMonitorProbes false {product} {default}
bool DisableAttachMechanism false {product} {default}
bool DisableExplicitGC false {product} {default}
bool DisplayVMOutputToStderr false {product} {default}
bool DisplayVMOutputToStdout false {product} {default}
bool DoEscapeAnalysis true {C2 product} {default}
bool DoReserveCopyInSuperWord true {C2 product} {default}
bool DontCompileHugeMethods true {product} {default}
bool DontYieldALot false {pd product} {default}
ccstr DumpLoadedClassList {product} {default}
bool DumpReplayDataOnError true {product} {default}
bool DumpSharedSpaces false {product} {default}
bool DynamicDumpSharedSpaces false {product} {default}
bool EagerXrunInit false {product} {default}
intx EliminateAllocationArraySizeLimit 64 {C2 product} {default}
bool EliminateAllocations true {C2 product} {default}
bool EliminateAutoBox true {C2 product} {default}
bool EliminateLocks true {C2 product} {default}
bool EliminateNestedLocks true {C2 product} {default}
bool EnableContended true {product} {default}
bool EnableDynamicAgentLoading true {product} {default}
size_t ErgoHeapSizeLimit 0 {product} {default}
ccstr ErrorFile {product} {default}
bool ErrorFileToStderr false {product} {default}
bool ErrorFileToStdout false {product} {default}
uint64_t ErrorLogTimeout 120 {product} {default}
double EscapeAnalysisTimeout 20.000000 {C2 product} {default}
bool EstimateArgEscape true {product} {default}
bool ExecutingUnitTests false {product} {default}
bool ExitOnOutOfMemoryError false {product} {default}
bool ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent false {product} {default}
bool ExtendedDTraceProbes false {product} {default}
bool ExtensiveErrorReports false {product} {default}
ccstr ExtraSharedClassListFile {product} {default}
bool FilterSpuriousWakeups true {product} {default}
bool FlightRecorder false {product} {default}
ccstr FlightRecorderOptions {product} {default}
bool ForceTimeHighResolution false {product} {default}
intx FreqInlineSize 325 {C2 pd product} {default}
double G1ConcMarkStepDurationMillis 10.000000 {product} {default}
uintx G1ConcRSHotCardLimit 4 {product} {default}
size_t G1ConcRSLogCacheSize 10 {product} {default}
size_t G1ConcRefinementGreenZone 0 {product} {default}
size_t G1ConcRefinementRedZone 0 {product} {default}
uintx G1ConcRefinementServiceIntervalMillis 300 {product} {default}
uint G1ConcRefinementThreads 13 {product} {ergonomic}
size_t G1ConcRefinementThresholdStep 2 {product} {default}
size_t G1ConcRefinementYellowZone 0 {product} {default}
uintx G1ConfidencePercent 50 {product} {default}
size_t G1HeapRegionSize 4194304 {product} {ergonomic}
uintx G1HeapWastePercent 5 {product} {default}
uintx G1MixedGCCountTarget 8 {product} {default}
uintx G1PeriodicGCInterval 0 {manageable} {default}
bool G1PeriodicGCInvokesConcurrent true {product} {default}
double G1PeriodicGCSystemLoadThreshold 0.000000 {manageable} {default}
intx G1RSetRegionEntries 768 {product} {default}
intx G1RSetSparseRegionEntries 32 {product} {default}
intx G1RSetUpdatingPauseTimePercent 10 {product} {default}
uint G1RefProcDrainInterval 1000 {product} {default}
uintx G1ReservePercent 10 {product} {default}
uintx G1SATBBufferEnqueueingThresholdPercent 60 {product} {default}
size_t G1SATBBufferSize 1024 {product} {default}
size_t G1UpdateBufferSize 256 {product} {default}
bool G1UseAdaptiveConcRefinement true {product} {default}
bool G1UseAdaptiveIHOP true {product} {default}
uintx GCDrainStackTargetSize 64 {product} {ergonomic}
uintx GCHeapFreeLimit 2 {product} {default}
uintx GCLockerEdenExpansionPercent 5 {product} {default}
uintx GCPauseIntervalMillis 201 {product} {default}
uintx GCTimeLimit 98 {product} {default}
uintx GCTimeRatio 12 {product} {default}
size_t HeapBaseMinAddress 2147483648 {pd product} {default}
bool HeapDumpAfterFullGC false {manageable} {default}
bool HeapDumpBeforeFullGC false {manageable} {default}
intx HeapDumpGzipLevel 0 {manageable} {default}
bool HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError false {manageable} {default}
ccstr HeapDumpPath {manageable} {default}
uintx HeapFirstMaximumCompactionCount 3 {product} {default}
uintx HeapMaximumCompactionInterval 20 {product} {default}
uintx HeapSearchSteps 3 {product} {default}
size_t HeapSizePerGCThread 43620760 {product} {default}
bool IgnoreEmptyClassPaths false {product} {default}
bool IgnoreUnrecognizedVMOptions false {product} {default}
uintx IncreaseFirstTierCompileThresholdAt 50 {product} {default}
bool IncrementalInline true {C2 product} {default}
uintx InitialCodeCacheSize 2555904 {pd product} {default}
size_t InitialHeapSize 490733568 {product} {ergonomic}
uintx InitialRAMFraction 64 {product} {default}
double InitialRAMPercentage 1.562500 {product} {default}
uintx InitialSurvivorRatio 8 {product} {default}
uintx InitialTenuringThreshold 7 {product} {default}
uintx InitiatingHeapOccupancyPercent 45 {product} {default}
bool Inline true {product} {default}
ccstr InlineDataFile {product} {default}
intx InlineSmallCode 2500 {C2 pd product} {default}
bool InlineSynchronizedMethods true {C1 product} {default}
intx InteriorEntryAlignment 16 {C2 pd product} {default}
intx InterpreterProfilePercentage 33 {product} {default}
bool JavaMonitorsInStackTrace true {product} {default}
intx JavaPriority10_To_OSPriority -1 {product} {default}
intx JavaPriority1_To_OSPriority -1 {product} {default}
intx JavaPriority2_To_OSPriority -1 {product} {default}
intx JavaPriority3_To_OSPriority -1 {product} {default}
intx JavaPriority4_To_OSPriority -1 {product} {default}
intx JavaPriority5_To_OSPriority -1 {product} {default}
intx JavaPriority6_To_OSPriority -1 {product} {default}
intx JavaPriority7_To_OSPriority -1 {product} {default}
intx JavaPriority8_To_OSPriority -1 {product} {default}
intx JavaPriority9_To_OSPriority -1 {product} {default}
size_t LargePageHeapSizeThreshold 134217728 {product} {default}
size_t LargePageSizeInBytes 0 {product} {default}
intx LiveNodeCountInliningCutoff 40000 {C2 product} {default}
bool LoadExecStackDllInVMThread true {product} {default}
intx LoopMaxUnroll 16 {C2 product} {default}
intx LoopOptsCount 43 {C2 product} {default}
intx LoopPercentProfileLimit 30 {C2 pd product} {default}
uintx LoopStripMiningIter 1000 {C2 product} {default}
uintx LoopStripMiningIterShortLoop 100 {C2 product} {default}
intx LoopUnrollLimit 60 {C2 pd product} {default}
intx LoopUnrollMin 4 {C2 product} {default}
bool LoopUnswitching true {C2 product} {default}
bool ManagementServer false {product} {default}
size_t MarkStackSize 4194304 {product} {ergonomic}
size_t MarkStackSizeMax 536870912 {product} {default}
uint MarkSweepAlwaysCompactCount 4 {product} {default}
uintx MarkSweepDeadRatio 5 {product} {default}
intx MaxBCEAEstimateLevel 5 {product} {default}
intx MaxBCEAEstimateSize 150 {product} {default}
uint64_t MaxDirectMemorySize 0 {product} {default}
bool MaxFDLimit true {product} {default}
uintx MaxGCMinorPauseMillis 18446744073709551615 {product} {default}
uintx MaxGCPauseMillis 200 {product} {default}
uintx MaxHeapFreeRatio 70 {manageable} {default}
size_t MaxHeapSize 7818182656 {product} {ergonomic}
intx MaxInlineLevel 15 {C2 product} {default}
intx MaxInlineSize 35 {C2 product} {default}
intx MaxJNILocalCapacity 65536 {product} {default}
intx MaxJavaStackTraceDepth 1024 {product} {default}
intx MaxJumpTableSize 65000 {C2 product} {default}
intx MaxJumpTableSparseness 5 {C2 product} {default}
intx MaxLabelRootDepth 1100 {C2 product} {default}
intx MaxLoopPad 15 {C2 product} {default}
size_t MaxMetaspaceExpansion 5439488 {product} {default}
uintx MaxMetaspaceFreeRatio 70 {product} {default}
size_t MaxMetaspaceSize 18446744073709551615 {product} {default}
size_t MaxNewSize 4689231872 {product} {ergonomic}
intx MaxNodeLimit 80000 {C2 product} {default}
uint64_t MaxRAM 137438953472 {pd product} {default}
uintx MaxRAMFraction 4 {product} {default}
double MaxRAMPercentage 25.000000 {product} {default}
intx MaxRecursiveInlineLevel 1 {C2 product} {default}
uintx MaxTenuringThreshold 15 {product} {default}
intx MaxTrivialSize 6 {C2 product} {default}
intx MaxVectorSize 32 {C2 product} {default}
ccstr MetaspaceReclaimPolicy balanced {product} {default}
size_t MetaspaceSize 22020096 {product} {default}
bool MethodFlushing true {product} {default}
size_t MinHeapDeltaBytes 4194304 {product} {ergonomic}
uintx MinHeapFreeRatio 40 {manageable} {default}
size_t MinHeapSize 8388608 {product} {ergonomic}
intx MinInliningThreshold 250 {product} {default}
intx MinJumpTableSize 10 {C2 pd product} {default}
size_t MinMetaspaceExpansion 327680 {product} {default}
uintx MinMetaspaceFreeRatio 40 {product} {default}
uintx MinRAMFraction 2 {product} {default}
double MinRAMPercentage 50.000000 {product} {default}
uintx MinSurvivorRatio 3 {product} {default}
size_t MinTLABSize 2048 {product} {default}
intx MultiArrayExpandLimit 6 {C2 product} {default}
uintx NUMAChunkResizeWeight 20 {product} {default}
size_t NUMAInterleaveGranularity 2097152 {product} {default}
uintx NUMAPageScanRate 256 {product} {default}
size_t NUMASpaceResizeRate 1073741824 {product} {default}
bool NUMAStats false {product} {default}
ccstr NativeMemoryTracking off {product} {default}
bool NeverActAsServerClassMachine false {pd product} {default}
bool NeverTenure false {product} {default}
uintx NewRatio 2 {product} {default}
size_t NewSize 1363144 {product} {default}
size_t NewSizeThreadIncrease 5320 {pd product} {default}
intx NmethodSweepActivity 10 {product} {default}
intx NodeLimitFudgeFactor 2000 {C2 product} {default}
uintx NonNMethodCodeHeapSize 7602480 {pd product} {ergonomic}
uintx NonProfiledCodeHeapSize 122027880 {pd product} {ergonomic}
intx NumberOfLoopInstrToAlign 4 {C2 product} {default}
intx ObjectAlignmentInBytes 8 {product lp64_product} {default}
size_t OldPLABSize 1024 {product} {default}
size_t OldSize 5452592 {product} {default}
bool OmitStackTraceInFastThrow true {product} {default}
ccstrlist OnError {product} {default}
ccstrlist OnOutOfMemoryError {product} {default}
intx OnStackReplacePercentage 140 {pd product} {default}
bool OptimizeFill false {C2 product} {default}
bool OptimizePtrCompare true {C2 product} {default}
bool OptimizeStringConcat true {C2 product} {default}
bool OptoBundling false {C2 pd product} {default}
intx OptoLoopAlignment 16 {pd product} {default}
bool OptoRegScheduling true {C2 pd product} {default}
bool OptoScheduling false {C2 pd product} {default}
uintx PLABWeight 75 {product} {default}
bool PSChunkLargeArrays true {product} {default}
int ParGCArrayScanChunk 50 {product} {default}
uintx ParallelGCBufferWastePct 10 {product} {default}
uint ParallelGCThreads 13 {product} {default}
size_t ParallelOldDeadWoodLimiterMean 50 {product} {default}
size_t ParallelOldDeadWoodLimiterStdDev 80 {product} {default}
bool ParallelRefProcBalancingEnabled true {product} {default}
bool ParallelRefProcEnabled true {product} {default}
bool PartialPeelAtUnsignedTests true {C2 product} {default}
bool PartialPeelLoop true {C2 product} {default}
intx PartialPeelNewPhiDelta 0 {C2 product} {default}
uintx PausePadding 1 {product} {default}
intx PerBytecodeRecompilationCutoff 200 {product} {default}
intx PerBytecodeTrapLimit 4 {product} {default}
intx PerMethodRecompilationCutoff 400 {product} {default}
intx PerMethodTrapLimit 100 {product} {default}
bool PerfAllowAtExitRegistration false {product} {default}
bool PerfBypassFileSystemCheck false {product} {default}
intx PerfDataMemorySize 32768 {product} {default}
intx PerfDataSamplingInterval 50 {product} {default}
ccstr PerfDataSaveFile {product} {default}
bool PerfDataSaveToFile false {product} {default}
bool PerfDisableSharedMem false {product} {default}
intx PerfMaxStringConstLength 1024 {product} {default}
size_t PreTouchParallelChunkSize 4194304 {pd product} {default}
bool PreferContainerQuotaForCPUCount true {product} {default}
bool PreferInterpreterNativeStubs false {pd product} {default}
intx PrefetchCopyIntervalInBytes 576 {product} {default}
intx PrefetchFieldsAhead 1 {product} {default}
intx PrefetchScanIntervalInBytes 576 {product} {default}
bool PreserveAllAnnotations false {product} {default}
bool PreserveFramePointer false {pd product} {default}
size_t PretenureSizeThreshold 0 {product} {default}
bool PrintClassHistogram false {manageable} {default}
bool PrintCodeCache false {product} {default}
bool PrintCodeCacheOnCompilation false {product} {default}
bool PrintCommandLineFlags false {product} {default}
bool PrintCompilation false {product} {default}
bool PrintConcurrentLocks false {manageable} {default}
bool PrintExtendedThreadInfo false {product} {default}
bool PrintFlagsFinal true {product} {command line}
bool PrintFlagsInitial false {product} {default}
bool PrintFlagsRanges false {product} {default}
bool PrintGC false {product} {default}
bool PrintGCDetails false {product} {default}
bool PrintHeapAtSIGBREAK true {product} {default}
bool PrintSharedArchiveAndExit false {product} {default}
bool PrintSharedDictionary false {product} {default}
bool PrintStringTableStatistics false {product} {default}
bool PrintTieredEvents false {product} {default}
bool PrintVMOptions false {product} {default}
bool PrintWarnings true {product} {default}
uintx ProcessDistributionStride 4 {product} {default}
bool ProfileInterpreter true {pd product} {default}
intx ProfileMaturityPercentage 20 {product} {default}
uintx ProfiledCodeHeapSize 122027880 {pd product} {ergonomic}
uintx PromotedPadding 3 {product} {default}
uintx QueuedAllocationWarningCount 0 {product} {default}
int RTMRetryCount 5 {ARCH product} {default}
bool RangeCheckElimination true {product} {default}
bool ReassociateInvariants true {C2 product} {default}
bool RecordDynamicDumpInfo false {product} {default}
bool ReduceBulkZeroing true {C2 product} {default}
bool ReduceFieldZeroing true {C2 product} {default}
bool ReduceInitialCardMarks true {C2 product} {default}
bool ReduceSignalUsage false {product} {default}
intx RefDiscoveryPolicy 0 {product} {default}
bool RegisterFinalizersAtInit true {product} {default}
bool RelaxAccessControlCheck false {product} {default}
ccstr ReplayDataFile {product} {default}
bool RequireSharedSpaces false {product} {default}
uintx ReservedCodeCacheSize 251658240 {pd product} {ergonomic}
bool ResizePLAB true {product} {default}
bool ResizeTLAB true {product} {default}
bool RestoreMXCSROnJNICalls false {product} {default}
bool RestrictContended true {product} {default}
bool RestrictReservedStack true {product} {default}
bool RewriteBytecodes true {pd product} {default}
bool RewriteFrequentPairs true {pd product} {default}
bool SafepointTimeout false {product} {default}
intx SafepointTimeoutDelay 10000 {product} {default}
bool ScavengeBeforeFullGC false {product} {default}
bool SegmentedCodeCache true {product} {ergonomic}
intx SelfDestructTimer 0 {product} {default}
ccstr SharedArchiveConfigFile {product} {default}
ccstr SharedArchiveFile {product} {default}
size_t SharedBaseAddress 34359738368 {product} {default}
ccstr SharedClassListFile {product} {default}
uintx SharedSymbolTableBucketSize 4 {product} {default}
ccstr ShenandoahGCHeuristics adaptive {product} {default}
ccstr ShenandoahGCMode satb {product} {default}
bool ShowCodeDetailsInExceptionMessages true {manageable} {default}
bool ShowMessageBoxOnError false {product} {default}
bool ShrinkHeapInSteps true {product} {default}
size_t SoftMaxHeapSize 7818182656 {manageable} {ergonomic}
intx SoftRefLRUPolicyMSPerMB 1000 {product} {default}
bool SplitIfBlocks true {C2 product} {default}
intx StackRedPages 1 {pd product} {default}
intx StackReservedPages 1 {pd product} {default}
intx StackShadowPages 20 {pd product} {default}
bool StackTraceInThrowable true {product} {default}
intx StackYellowPages 2 {pd product} {default}
uintx StartAggressiveSweepingAt 10 {product} {default}
bool StartAttachListener false {product} {default}
ccstr StartFlightRecording {product} {default}
uint StringDeduplicationAgeThreshold 3 {product} {default}
uintx StringTableSize 65536 {product} {default}
bool SuperWordLoopUnrollAnalysis true {C2 pd product} {default}
bool SuperWordReductions true {C2 product} {default}
bool SuppressFatalErrorMessage false {product} {default}
uintx SurvivorPadding 3 {product} {default}
uintx SurvivorRatio 8 {product} {default}
double SweeperThreshold 0.500000 {product} {default}
uintx TLABAllocationWeight 35 {product} {default}
uintx TLABRefillWasteFraction 64 {product} {default}
size_t TLABSize 0 {product} {default}
bool TLABStats true {product} {default}
uintx TLABWasteIncrement 4 {product} {default}
uintx TLABWasteTargetPercent 1 {product} {default}
uintx TargetPLABWastePct 10 {product} {default}
uintx TargetSurvivorRatio 50 {product} {default}
uintx TenuredGenerationSizeIncrement 20 {product} {default}
uintx TenuredGenerationSizeSupplement 80 {product} {default}
uintx TenuredGenerationSizeSupplementDecay 2 {product} {default}
intx ThreadPriorityPolicy 0 {product} {default}
bool ThreadPriorityVerbose false {product} {default}
intx ThreadStackSize 1024 {pd product} {default}
uintx ThresholdTolerance 10 {product} {default}
intx Tier0BackedgeNotifyFreqLog 10 {product} {default}
intx Tier0InvokeNotifyFreqLog 7 {product} {default}
intx Tier0ProfilingStartPercentage 200 {product} {default}
intx Tier23InlineeNotifyFreqLog 20 {product} {default}
intx Tier2BackEdgeThreshold 0 {product} {default}
intx Tier2BackedgeNotifyFreqLog 14 {product} {default}
intx Tier2CompileThreshold 0 {product} {default}
intx Tier2InvokeNotifyFreqLog 11 {product} {default}
intx Tier3BackEdgeThreshold 60000 {product} {default}
intx Tier3BackedgeNotifyFreqLog 13 {product} {default}
intx Tier3CompileThreshold 2000 {product} {default}
intx Tier3DelayOff 2 {product} {default}
intx Tier3DelayOn 5 {product} {default}
intx Tier3InvocationThreshold 200 {product} {default}
intx Tier3InvokeNotifyFreqLog 10 {product} {default}
intx Tier3LoadFeedback 5 {product} {default}
intx Tier3MinInvocationThreshold 100 {product} {default}
intx Tier4BackEdgeThreshold 40000 {product} {default}
intx Tier4CompileThreshold 15000 {product} {default}
intx Tier4InvocationThreshold 5000 {product} {default}
intx Tier4LoadFeedback 3 {product} {default}
intx Tier4MinInvocationThreshold 600 {product} {default}
bool TieredCompilation true {pd product} {default}
intx TieredCompileTaskTimeout 50 {product} {default}
intx TieredRateUpdateMaxTime 25 {product} {default}
intx TieredRateUpdateMinTime 1 {product} {default}
intx TieredStopAtLevel 4 {product} {default}
bool TimeLinearScan false {C1 product} {default}
ccstr TraceJVMTI {product} {default}
intx TrackedInitializationLimit 50 {C2 product} {default}
bool TrapBasedNullChecks false {pd product} {default}
bool TrapBasedRangeChecks false {C2 pd product} {default}
intx TypeProfileArgsLimit 2 {product} {default}
uintx TypeProfileLevel 111 {pd product} {default}
intx TypeProfileMajorReceiverPercent 90 {C2 product} {default}
intx TypeProfileParmsLimit 2 {product} {default}
intx TypeProfileWidth 2 {product} {default}
intx UnguardOnExecutionViolation 0 {product} {default}
bool UseAES true {product} {default}
intx UseAVX 2 {ARCH product} {default}
bool UseAdaptiveGenerationSizePolicyAtMajorCollection true {product} {default}
bool UseAdaptiveGenerationSizePolicyAtMinorCollection true {product} {default}
bool UseAdaptiveNUMAChunkSizing true {product} {default}
bool UseAdaptiveSizeDecayMajorGCCost true {product} {default}
bool UseAdaptiveSizePolicy true {product} {default}
bool UseAdaptiveSizePolicyFootprintGoal true {product} {default}
bool UseAdaptiveSizePolicyWithSystemGC false {product} {default}
bool UseAddressNop true {ARCH product} {default}
bool UseBASE64Intrinsics false {product} {default}
bool UseBMI1Instructions true {ARCH product} {default}
bool UseBMI2Instructions true {ARCH product} {default}
bool UseBiasedLocking false {product} {default}
bool UseBimorphicInlining true {C2 product} {default}
bool UseCLMUL true {ARCH product} {default}
bool UseCMoveUnconditionally false {C2 product} {default}
bool UseCodeAging true {product} {default}
bool UseCodeCacheFlushing true {product} {default}
bool UseCompiler true {product} {default}
bool UseCompressedClassPointers true {product lp64_product} {ergonomic}
bool UseCompressedOops true {product lp64_product} {ergonomic}
bool UseCondCardMark false {product} {default}
bool UseContainerSupport true {product} {default}
bool UseCountLeadingZerosInstruction true {ARCH product} {default}
bool UseCountTrailingZerosInstruction true {ARCH product} {default}
bool UseCountedLoopSafepoints true {C2 product} {default}
bool UseCounterDecay true {product} {default}
bool UseDivMod true {C2 product} {default}
bool UseDynamicNumberOfCompilerThreads true {product} {default}
bool UseDynamicNumberOfGCThreads true {product} {default}
bool UseEmptySlotsInSupers true {product} {default}
bool UseFMA true {product} {default}
bool UseFPUForSpilling true {C2 product} {default}
bool UseFastJNIAccessors true {product} {default}
bool UseFastStosb false {ARCH product} {default}
bool UseG1GC true {product} {ergonomic}
bool UseGCOverheadLimit true {product} {default}
bool UseHeavyMonitors false {product} {default}
bool UseHugeTLBFS false {product} {default}
bool UseInlineCaches true {product} {default}
bool UseInterpreter true {product} {default}
bool UseJumpTables true {C2 product} {default}
bool UseLargePages false {pd product} {default}
bool UseLargePagesIndividualAllocation false {pd product} {default}
bool UseLinuxPosixThreadCPUClocks true {product} {default}
bool UseLoopCounter true {product} {default}
bool UseLoopInvariantCodeMotion true {C1 product} {default}
bool UseLoopPredicate true {C2 product} {default}
bool UseMaximumCompactionOnSystemGC true {product} {default}
bool UseNUMA false {product} {default}
bool UseNUMAInterleaving false {product} {default}
bool UseNewLongLShift true {ARCH product} {default}
bool UseNotificationThread true {product} {default}
bool UseOnStackReplacement true {pd product} {default}
bool UseOnlyInlinedBimorphic true {C2 product} {default}
bool UseOprofile false {product} {default}
bool UseOptoBiasInlining false {C2 product} {default}
bool UsePSAdaptiveSurvivorSizePolicy true {product} {default}
bool UseParallelGC false {product} {default}
bool UsePerfData true {product} {default}
bool UsePopCountInstruction true {product} {default}
bool UseProfiledLoopPredicate true {C2 product} {default}
bool UseRTMDeopt false {ARCH product} {default}
bool UseRTMLocking false {ARCH product} {default}
bool UseSHA true {product} {default}
bool UseSHM false {product} {default}
intx UseSSE 4 {ARCH product} {default}
bool UseSSE42Intrinsics true {ARCH product} {default}
bool UseSerialGC false {product} {default}
bool UseSharedSpaces true {product} {default}
bool UseShenandoahGC false {product} {default}
bool UseSignalChaining true {product} {default}
bool UseStoreImmI16 true {ARCH product} {default}
bool UseStringDeduplication false {product} {default}
bool UseSubwordForMaxVector true {C2 product} {default}
bool UseSuperWord true {C2 product} {default}
bool UseTLAB true {product} {default}
bool UseThreadPriorities true {pd product} {default}
bool UseTransparentHugePages false {product} {default}
bool UseTypeProfile true {product} {default}
bool UseTypeSpeculation true {C2 product} {default}
bool UseUnalignedLoadStores true {ARCH product} {default}
bool UseVectorCmov false {C2 product} {default}
bool UseXMMForArrayCopy true {product} {default}
bool UseXMMForObjInit true {ARCH product} {default}
bool UseXmmI2D true {ARCH product} {default}
bool UseXmmI2F true {ARCH product} {default}
bool UseXmmLoadAndClearUpper true {ARCH product} {default}
bool UseXmmRegToRegMoveAll true {ARCH product} {default}
bool UseZGC false {product} {default}
intx VMThreadPriority -1 {product} {default}
intx VMThreadStackSize 1024 {pd product} {default}
intx ValueMapInitialSize 11 {C1 product} {default}
intx ValueMapMaxLoopSize 8 {C1 product} {default}
intx ValueSearchLimit 1000 {C2 product} {default}
bool VerifySharedSpaces false {product} {default}
uintx YoungGenerationSizeIncrement 20 {product} {default}
uintx YoungGenerationSizeSupplement 80 {product} {default}
uintx YoungGenerationSizeSupplementDecay 8 {product} {default}
size_t YoungPLABSize 4096 {product} {default}
double ZAllocationSpikeTolerance 2.000000 {product} {default}
double ZCollectionInterval 0.000000 {product} {default}
double ZFragmentationLimit 25.000000 {product} {default}
size_t ZMarkStackSpaceLimit 8589934592 {product} {default}
bool ZProactive true {product} {default}
bool ZUncommit true {product} {default}
uintx ZUncommitDelay 300 {product} {default}
bool ZeroTLAB false {product} {default}