Clojure Performance

Two excellent presentations on Clojure performance

Optimising the critical path

Using two of Clojure's fundamental building blocks, macros and higher order functions, Clojure code can be sped up significantly without sacrificing common idioms.

Premature optimisation is the root of all evil, this is not a reason to pass up opportunities to improve the critical 3%.

Presentation: Dressed up performance in Clojure - Ben Sless - reClojure 2021

Naked Performance

Lessons learned on building Clojure/Script systems that are both ridiculously fast and will fail fast on errors.

Compare the performance of mutable, persistent & zero-copy data structures, showing how to use interpreters and compilers to build beautiful and performant abstractions.

A shot demo on building a simple non-blocking web server that runs idiomatic Clojure to serve millions of requests per second.

Clojure is awesome, and it can be fast too.

Naked Performance (with Clojure) – Tommi Reiman - Metosin

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