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Basic Terminal REPL UIλ︎

The clojure command will start a REPL by default or if given the --repl or -r argument. The basic repl does not provide history of commands.

clj is a script that wraps the clojure command and requires rlwrap, an external readline command, to navigate REPL history via the Up and Down keys.

Use clj when you want to run a repl (or preferably use rebel readline instead) and clojure for everything else.

Rebel Rich Terminal UI

rebel readline is a terminal REPL UI that provides interactive help, function autocomplete, signature prompts and many other features to provide a very rich REPL experience.

Practicalli Clojure CLI Config includes the -M:repl/rebel alias to run rebel readline REPL.

clj command in a terminal window starts a Clojure REPL and shows the version of Clojure used. The command does not need to be in a directory containing a Clojure project.


Type in a Clojure expression at the => user REPL prompt and press Enter to see the result

Ctrl+d to exit the REPL

Clojure CLI Tools REPL