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Cognitect Labs Test Runnerλ︎

Cognitect Labs test-runner is a test runner for Clojure projects defined with deps.edn and using clojure.test library which is part of the Clojure standard library.

test-runner aims to provide a standard way to discover and run unit and property-based tests, in a simple to use and lightweight tool.

Add test-runnerλ︎

Make test-runner available to all projects by adding it to ~/.clojure/deps.edn. Or add test-runner to specific projects by adding an alias to the project deps.edn file. Include :extra-paths configuration to include the standard test directory so that the runner has access to the test code.

Practicalli Clojure CLI Config provides aliases for test runner tools, including :test/congnitect for running Cognitect Labs test runner

Add an alias to run Cognitect Labs test runner, either in the project or user deps.edn configuration file. ```clojure :test/cognitect {:extra-paths ["test"] :extra-deps {com.cognitect/test-runner {:git/url "" :sha "f7ef16dc3b8332b0d77bc0274578ad5270fbfedd"}} :main-opts ["-m" "cognitect.test-runner"]}


Run test runnerλ︎

Run the Cognitect Labs test runner via the command line

clojure -M:test/cognitect

The cognitect.test-runner/-main function is called which scans the test directory of the current project tests defined using clojure.test, running all tests found.

A summary is returned with the results of running the tests.

Clojure Unit Test - Cognitect Labs test runner example result

Command line optionsλ︎

Flag Description
-d, --dir DIRNAME Name of the directory containing tests. Defaults to "test".
-n, --namespace SYMBOL Symbol indicating a specific namespace to test.
-r, --namespace-regex REGEX Regex for namespaces to test. Defaults to #".*-test$" (i.e, only namespaces ending in '-test' are evaluated)
-v, --var SYMBOL Symbol indicating the fully qualified name of a specific test.
-i, --include KEYWORD Run only tests that have this metadata keyword.
-e, --exclude KEYWORD Exclude tests with this metadata keyword.
-H, --test-help Display this help message

Options can be used multiple times in one command, for a logical OR effect. For example, the following command runs all tests in the and namespaces that are found in the src and test directories

clojure -M:test/cognitect -d test -d src -n -n

Test Selectorsλ︎

Selectively running tests by including and excluding test categories, from the meta-data added to test definitions, i.e. deftest.

(deftest ^:integration test-live-system
  (is (= 200 (:status (http/get "")))))

Use the --include flag with the test runner to specify specific categories of tests

clojure -M:test-runner-cognitect --include :integration

The --include flag can be used multiple times, defining a test category with each include.

clojure -M:test-runner-cognitect --include :integration --include :persistence

Clojure Unit Test - categories example integration and develop tests

--exclude flag runs all tests except those in the given category

clojure -M:test/cognitect --exclude :integration

Exclusions take priority over inclusions if both flags are included.