Clojure coding challenges

Coding Challenges for Clojure

Coding challenges are an excellent way to start learning a new language. The challenges allow you to focus on the language and not be concerned about the more general engineering aspects of software development.

Challenges are there to explore a language and practice your understanding of how to assemble working code. It is recommended to try different approaches to solving a challenges and even repeat the same challenges at a later date and see what additional approaches you have learned.

4Ever-Clojure is a highly recommended starting point for learning Clojure and does not require any installation or setup. 4Ever-Clojure is a new implementation of

Challenge website Description Requirements Highly recommended for learning the core functions of the Clojure language Web Browser Coding exercises with mentor support, using Leiningen and clojure.test Leiningen, Exercism CLI, Clojure aware editor
CodeWars General coding challenges with Clojure specific versions, using clojure.test. Tends toward math-base challenges Web Browser
ClojureScript Koans Interactive exercises in a web browser Web Browser
Advent of Code Annual coding challenge with a seasonal theme Clojure aware editor

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