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Naming when requiring other namespacesλ︎

(require [cheshire.core :refer :all]) is an example of self-inflicted errors, as this library included a contains? function that will over-write the clojure.core/contains? function when using :refer :all or the (use ) expression.

This situation is one example of why :refer :all and use are not recommended and can cause lots of debugging headaches.

If a namespace is predominantly about using a specific library, then refer specific functions as they are used within the current namespace

(ns current.namespace
  [cheshire.core :refer [function-name another-function etc]))

Hint::clj-kondo lint tool shows unused functionsλ︎

Using clj-kondo

A classic example is a test namespace that uses clojure core (ns practicalli.random-function-test (:require [clojure.test :refer [deftest is testing]] [practicalli.random-function :as sut])) Otherwise use a meaningful alias, ideally referring to what that library is doing (which makes it easer to swap out with a different library later on if required). As Cheshire is a JSON related library, then (ns my.ns (:require [cheshire.core :as json])) This gives a context to all the functions called from that library and makes code easier for humans to understand.