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Encoding and Decoding with Clojureλ︎

Matrix decode

Projects that use a range of ciphers, from simple to more complex, to encode and decode text.

A common approach to encoding and decoding text is to use a dictionary lookup, defined in Clojure as a hash-map. Each key-value pair provides a mapping for encoding and decoding. Looking up a a character as a key in the map provides a value that is the encrypted character.

These projects show several ways to transform data in Clojure.

Project Topics Description
Boolean names to 0 or 1 hash-map get Convert boolean values to classic 1 or 0 values
Caesar cipher - ROT13 seq cycle zipmap A simple alphabet rotation cipher
RNA / DNA converter Convert between DNA and RNA
Clacks telegram Encoding and decoding messages with Clacks

Examples of Encodingλ︎