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Space Ageλ︎


Topics coveredλ︎

Code for this solution on GitHub

practicalli/exercism-clojure-guides contains the design journal and solution to this exercise and many others.

Create the projectλ︎

Download the RNA transcription exercise using the exercism CLI tool

exercism download --exercise=rna-transcription --track=clojure

Use the REPL workflow to explore solutions locally

Open the project in a Clojure aware editor and start a REPL, using a rich comment form to experiment with code to solve the challenge.

Challenge introductionλ︎

Given an age in seconds, calculate how old someone would be on:

  • Earth: orbital period 365.25 Earth days, or 31557600 seconds
  • Mercury: orbital period 0.2408467 Earth years
  • Venus: orbital period 0.61519726 Earth years
  • Mars: orbital period 1.8808158 Earth years
  • Jupiter: orbital period 11.862615 Earth years
  • Saturn: orbital period 29.447498 Earth years
  • Uranus: orbital period 84.016846 Earth years
  • Neptune: orbital period 164.79132 Earth years

So if you were told someone were 1,000,000,000 seconds old, you should be able to say that they're 31.69 Earth-years old.