Standard Library - clojure.core

Examples of using the functions from the clojure.core namespace and other important functions, macros and special forms that are part of the org.clojure/clojure library.

Functions, Macros and Special forms

The majority of times macros and special forms act just like any other defined function (i.e. fn, defn)

A macro is a piece of code that evaluates into a function when read by the macro reader, or by the developer using macroexpand function. An expanded macro may also contain macros, so expansion could take place several levels (macroexpand-all).

macros are not composable like functions, so functions like apply reduce map cannot use a macro (use a function instead).

Special forms are built into the Clojure runtime, so will not be found in clojure.core

  • Special forms: if do let quote var fn loop recur throw try
  • Special forms for Java interop: . new set!

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