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Practicalli Landing Pageλ︎

Build simple websites and landing pages using ClojureScript and figwheel-main.

clojure -T:project/create :template landing-page :name practicalli/website-name

Using the projectλ︎

Run the REPL

make repl

Run tests (stopping on first failing test)

make test

Template designλ︎

Configuration files

  • deps.edn project dependencies and aliases defining figwheel builds
  • dev.cljs.edn development build configuration
  • live.cljs.edn live build configuration (GitHub pages deployment by default)
  • figwheel-main.edn general figwheel configuration

Clojure code

  • src/project/landing-page.clj compose components to render the website
  • src/project/components.clj functions that define component and associated helper functions
  • src/project/data.clj data structure passed in part or whole to each component, via the landing-page. namespace defines an example data structure as a static value (def). Use an atom to contain the data structure if the data should be updated by components in the project.