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Package with Clojure tools.buildλ︎

The 🌐 project is used to build jar files to deploy libraries and uberjar files to run deployed projects (e.g. in Docker containers or directly on an Operating System with Java JVM installed).

Clojure is a library to define build related tasks using Clojure code.

Practicalli Project Templates includes configuration

Clojure projects created with Practicalli Project Templates include a build.clj configuration to build an uberjar of the project.

The make build-jar runs the clojure -T:build jar command to build an uberjar.

Java ARchive - jar file

A .jar file is a zip archive of the project containing all the files for running a Clojure project. The archive should contain metatdata files such as Manifest and pom.xml and can contain Clojure sources or compiled class files from the project (or both).

An ubjerjar is .jar file that also contains all the project dependencies including Clojure. The uberjar is a self-contained file that can be easily deployed and requires only a Java run-time (Java Virtual Machine), using the java -jar project-uberjar.jar command, with the option to pass arguments to the Uberjar also.

Practicalli Project templates include a build.clj configuration with jar and uberjar tasks.

Create a runnable Clojure archive

clojure -T:project/build uberjar

Create a Clojure library archive

clojure -T:project/build jar provides an API for pragmatically defining tasks to build Clojure projects.

Create a build.clj configuration with tasks for building a library jar or runable uberjar.

Define build.clj configuration for