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Neovim for Clojure developmentλ︎

Neovim with AstroNvim configuration for Clojure developers Neovim with AstroNvim configuration for Clojure developers

coding at the speed of thought

Neovim is incredibly fast and efficient, so thoughts flow from brain to editor without unnecessary delay.

Touch typing is fast, Neovim and multi-modal editing makes it even faster.

Neovim is a highly extensible and powerful editor, supporting multi-modal editing and Vim-style sequential key bindings. Highly responsive and low resource use makes Neovim ideal for development on any computer or mobile device, e.g. tablet, smartphone.

Neovim has 🌐 a diverse set of plugins and Practicalli curated configurations use these plugins to provide a rich set of features for Clojure development and wider engineering tasks.

Practicalli Neovim provides install & user guide focused on a simple, powerful and satisfying REPL Driven workflow for Clojure.

Clojure REPL Driven Development workflow

Quick Startλ︎

Install Clojure, Neovim and choose a community configuration

External reverencesλ︎

Getting started with Neovim and Conjure

Neovim user guide

This Week In Neovim - community update

Conjure install guide Conjuring Clojure in Vim

Use the mouse or built-in key bindings to navigate the pages of the book

  • P , , : go to previous page
  • N , . : go to next page

Use the search box to quickly find a specific topic

  • F , S , / : open search dialog
  • Down , Up : select next / previous result
  • Esc , Tab : close search dialog
  • Enter : follow selected result

Sponsor practicalli-johnny

All sponsorship funds are used to support the continued development of Practicalli series of books and videos, although most work is done at personal cost and time.

Thanks to Cognitect, Nubank and a wide range of other sponsors from the Clojure community for your continued support

Creative commons licenseλ︎

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 ShareAlike License (including images & style sheets).