Practicalli Neovim - effective Clojure programming with Neovim, Clojure LSP and supporting tools

Neovim startup dashboard with custom theme from practicalli

Neovim with Fennel configuration for Clojure developers

Getting Started

Install Neovim and clone practicalli/neovim-config-redux

git clone

Install pages detail the resources and recommended approaches to installing Neovim, Neovim packages, Java, Clojure, terminals, fonts and supporting tools

Practicalli Neovim for Clojure developers

Neovim is a highly extensible and powerful editor, supporting mult-modal editing and Vim-style key bindings.

Practicalli Neovim will guide you through installing Clojure and Neovim and how to use them for a simple, powerful and fun REPL Driven Development workflow

Clojure REPL Driven Development workflow

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