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Evil Z menuλ︎

z in normal mode opens a menu of convenient utilities

Folding code, comments and other contentλ︎

Code folding is very useful for hiding different levels of detail, for example you could hide everything but the function names in a namespace, showing just the API for that namespace.

Comments and documentation can be folded to help you focus on a specific part of the content.

Key Description
z a toggle fold of code, comment, section, etc.
z A toggle all folds
z c close fold
z f create fold
z M close all folds
z o open fold
z O open fold recursive (capital o)
z r fewer folds
z R open all folds
z x update folds

See narrowing for a focused approach to editing.


Jump the current line to the center, top or bottom of the buffer.

Key Description
z b scroll the current line to bottom of buffer
z t scroll the current line to top of buffer
z z scroll the current line to center of buffer


z = with the cursor on a word shows a list of possible spelling and similar words.

Select a word using its number in list to replace the word under the cursor, or Esc to close the spelling list.

Key Description
z = spelling suggestions
[ s next incorrect word
] s previous incorrect word
z g add word to spelling list
z w mark word as misspelled