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Refactor toolsλ︎

Neovim and common plugins provide many text oriented tools useful for refactoring code.

Clojure LSP server and Neovim LSP client support use static analysis of the project source code to allow provide common code refactor tools.

Language Server Protocol (LSP)λ︎

Using clojure-lsp server and Neovim Treesitter as an LSP client, code is statically analysed to provide auto-completion data, advanced editing actions such as refactor, live formatting, etc.

Function help

SPC l h or K displays help for the function under the cursor

Repeat the key binding to move the cursor to the documentation popup window and use j k to scroll the documentation

Key mapsλ︎

  • <leader>la code actions (popup with available actions)
  • <leader>ld hover diagnostics
  • <leader>lD search diagnostics
  • <leader>lf format buffer
  • <leader>lG search workspace symbols
  • <leader>lh function signature help
  • <leader>li information about the LSP client and running LSP servers
  • <leader>lI null-ls information (format & lint tools)
  • <leader>ll code lens refresh
  • <leader>lL code lens run
  • <leader>lr rename current symbol (namespace rename not supported it seems)
  • <leader>lR search references
  • <leader>ls search symbols
  • <leader>lS symbols outline
  • gd Go to definition
  • K Show documentations
  • <leader>ld Function declarations
  • <leader>lt Type Definitions
  • <leader>lh Signature Help
  • <leader>ln Rename
  • <leader>le Show line diagnostics
  • <leader>lq Show all diagnostics information
  • <leader>lf Auto format
  • <leader>lj Go to next diagnostic
  • <leader>lk Go to previous diagnostic
  • <leader>la Open code actions menu (Using telescope plugin interface)
  • <leader>la Open code actions menu for the selected text in VISUAL mode (Using telescope plugin interface)
  • <leader>lw Open workspace diagnostics list (Using telescope plugin interface)
  • <leader>lr Show all references list for item under the cursor (Using telescope plugin interface)
  • <leader>lr Show all implementations list for item under the cursor (Using telescope plugin interface)


Space l i shows the LSP server information for the current filetype, e.g. Clojure

LSP Server information showing local clojure-lsp install LSP Server information showing local clojure-lsp install

Limitations to investigateλ︎

  • Neovim client does not seem to support namespace rename (AstroNvim)