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Neovide GUIλ︎

Neovide Gui Screenshot

Neovide provides a GUI for Neovim and supports the use of AstroNvim community configuration.

🌐 Neovide features

Install Neovideλ︎

🌐 Download from website

Download neovide.AppImage

Move the neovide.AppImage to the execution path, e.g. $HOME/.local/bin

Create the $HOME/.local/bin/neovide symbolic link pointing to the neovide.AppImage

ln -s $HOME/.local/bin/neovide.AppImage $HOME/.local/bin/neovide

Download the MacOSX file

Extract the .zip file

Run the extracted dmg file and use the install wizard to copy Neovide to the Applications directory.

Create symbolic link from Neovide install to ~/.local/bin

ln -s /Applications/ ~/.local/bin/neovide

Add alias to use neovide with astronvim configuration to .bashrc , .zshrc or shared shell-aliases file

alias neovide="NVIM_APPNAME=astronvim neovide"

Neovide with NVIM_APPNAMEλ︎

NVIM_APPNAME sets the configuration used when starting Neovim.

Use a shell alias to run Neovide with a specific configuration

# Neovide alias with AstroNvim configuration
alias neovide="NVIM_APPNAME=astronvim neovide"

Set Neovide Fontλ︎

The guifont Neovim option is used to set a font family and size specifically for a GUI appliction, i.e. Neovide. It is not used by Neovim itself.

Neovide font family and size

guifont = "Fira Code:h16"

AstroNvim Neovide font family and size

Practicalli AstroNvim Config includes the guifont option in the options.lua file.

return {
  opt = {
    -- set to true or false etc.
    relativenumber = true, -- sets vim.opt.relativenumber
    number = true,         -- sets vim.opt.number
    spell = false,         -- sets vim.opt.spell
    signcolumn = "auto",   -- sets vim.opt.signcolumn to auto
    wrap = true,           -- sets vim.opt.wrap
    -- showtabline = 0,    -- sets vim.opt.showtabline - zero hides tabs
    timeoutlen = 420,
    -- neovide font family & size
    guifont = "Fira Code:h16",

Neovide Gui Screenshot