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Plugin Managerλ︎

Neovim community provides a wide range of plugins to greatly extend the features of Neovim

There is a wide range of plugin managers too, including a built-in plugin manager in Neovim.

  • Lazy - AstroNvim Config
  • Packer - Practicalli Neovim Config Redux

Lazy plugin manager recommeded

Practicalli recommends Lazy plugin manager as it feels much easier to use and has a more engaing and understandable user interface

Neovim evolving

Neovim and its plugins are evolving quite rapidly, so it is recommended to update plugins if there are issue or when a newer version of Neovim has been installed

Plugin issue are not that common and typically fixed quite quickly by the community

Lazy plugin manager

AstroNvim Lazy plugin manager status AstroNvim Lazy plugin manager status

SPC P u to update packages to their latest versions (:PackerUpdate). Details of updated changes will be shown at the end of the update.

Neovim Packer - packages updated report

r in the package update screen gives the option to revert an update if something has gone wrong (although this seem to be a rare issue).

When packages are all at the latest available version, Packer update reports packages already up to date.

Neovim Packer update everything up to date

Packer downloads packages and documentation from the Internet, so a connection is required

Package List and documentationλ︎

Lazy plugin manager

SPC P l to list the current packages added to the configuration

Neovim Package list with telescope

Selecting a package will display the website documentation for the package (although this may be in HTML so not the cleanest way to read the docs).

Adding packagesλ︎

Lazy plugin manager

Add package names as keywords in the use expression in fnl/config/plugin.fnl file.

:requires to add a package that is a dependency for the package being added

:mod defines the namespace that contains the package configuration, typically a setup function with options. The namespace matches the file name under fnl/config/plugin

SPC P i to install packages that have been added to fnl/config/plugin.fnl

q to quit once all packages are up to date