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Structural Editingλ︎

Structural editing seeks to ensure that parenthesis (parens) and other pairs of characters remain balanced, i.e. an open paren is not removed without removing the closing paren.

  • parinfer uses an indent approach, aligning code manages parens locations
  • paredit uses a structural approach
AstroNvim Community Clojure Pack includes parinfer

nvim-parinfer plugin is included in the AstroNvim Community Clojure pack

  { import = "astrocommunity.pack.clojure" },


Parinfer works very well with vim-style modal editing.

The author of the code focuses on aligning code and parinfer takes care of balancing the parens.

To include new lines of code within an expression, create a new line o and indent.

Parinfer will move the preceeding closing paren(s) to the new line, enclosing the new code in the overall expression.

Parinfer website