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Reference: Learn Vim-style Editingλ︎

Learning vim-style multi-modal editing takes time and practice. Most importantly this approach can be learned in stages, as insert mode is the same editing experience as using most other editors.

Start with the multi-modal concept and the basics of navigation. Then adopt more normal and visual mode actions, including motions

Getting startedλ︎

:Tutor runs the intteractive tutorial built into neovim (:help tutor also runs the tutor)

vim adventures isa simple online game to teach you the fundamentals of vim-style editing.

  • moving the cursor
  • Motions
  • line numbers
  • jumping around a buffer
  • search and replace

Text wranglingλ︎

  • iedit
  • text case

Clojure Editingλ︎

traversing expressions structural editing