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Evil Keybinding Referenceλ︎

An alphabetically ordered reference of Vim-style key bindings.

Normal mode keybindingsλ︎

Keybindings available in Evil normal mode and the resultant state they leave you in.

Keybinding Description State
@ execute keyboard macro (defined by q) Normal
' jump to mark (defined by m) Normal
a append text after cursor Insert
a append text after cursor Insert
A append text to end of sentence Insert
b move cursor back to start of previous word Normal
B move cursor back to start of last word Normal
c change (use with modifier) Insert
C change rest of sentence Insert
d delete (use with modifier) Normal
D delete rest of sentence Normal
e end of word Normal
E end of word (seems same as above) Normal
f find character forward (type character) Normal
F find character backward (type character) Normal
fd Escape (press almost together) Normal
g go menu Normal
G Jump to end of buffer Normal
h move cursor left Normal
H move cursor to top of buffer Normal
i insert text Insert
I insert text at start of sentence Insert
j Move cursor down a line Normal
J Join next line to end of current Normal
k Move cursor up a line Normal
K spacemacs/evil-smart-doc-lookup Normal
l Move cursor right Normal
L Move cursor to bottom of buffer Normal
m Create marker (next character is marker name) Normal
M Jump to middle of buffer Normal
n Next search occurrence Normal
N Previous search occurrence Normal
o New line below Insert
O New line above Insert
p Paste (after / below cursor) Insert
P Paste (before / above cursor) Insert
q Record keyboard macro attached to given character Normal
Q undefined Normal
r Replace character under cursor Normal
R Replace character state Replace
s Substitute character Insert
S Substitute current line Insert
t Find character forward - cursor before character Normal
T Find character backward - cursor after character Normal
u Undo last change (C-R to redo) Normal
U Undefined Normal
v Visual select Visual
V Visual select sentence Visual
w Jump cursor to start of next word Normal
W Jump cursor to start of next word Normal
x Delete character under cursor Normal
X Delete character backwards Normal
y y Yank (copy) line Normal
Y Yank (copy) line Normal
z Menu - code folding / keyboard macros Normal