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Contributing to Practicalliλ︎

Practicalli books are written in markdown and use MkDocs to generate the published website via a GitHub workflow. MkDocs can also run a local server using the make docs target from the Makefile

By submitting content ideas and corrections you are agreeing they can be used in this book under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International license. Attribution will be detailed via GitHub contributors.

All content and interaction with any persons or systems must be done so with respect and within the Practicalli Code of Conduct.

Book statusλ︎

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Ideas & Issues Pull requests

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Submit and issue or ideaλ︎

If something doesnt seem quite right or something is missing from the book, please raise an issue via the GitHub repository explaining in as much detail as you can.

Raising an issue before creating a pull request will save you and the maintainer time.

Considering a Pull request?λ︎

Before investing any time in a pull request, please raise an issue explaining the situation. This can save you and the maintainer time and avoid rejected pull requests.

Please keep pull requests small and focused, as they are much quicker to review and easier to accept. Ideally PR's should be for a specific page or at most a section.

A PR with a list of changes across different sections will not be merged, it will be reviewed eventually though.

Thank you to everyone that has contributedλ︎

A huge thank you to Rich Hickey and the team at Cognitect for creating and continually guiding the Clojure language. Special thank you to Alex Miller who has provided excellent advice on working with Clojure and the CLI tooling.

The Clojure community has been highly supportive of everyone using Clojure and I'd like to thank everyone for the feedback and contributions. I would also like to thank everyone that has joined in with the London Clojurins community, ClojureBridgeLondon, Clojurians Slack community, Clojurians Zulip community and Clojureverse community.

Thank you to everyone who sponsors the Practicalli websites and videos and for the Clojurists Together sponsorship, it helps me continue the work at a much faster pace.

Special thanks to Bruce Durling for getting me into Cloure in the first place.

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Last update: May 14, 2023