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Unit tests and test runnersλ︎

Run unit tests from within Neovim, showing a summary of test results or a full test report (especially if there are failures)

Or run and external test runner via a terminal session, optionally using watch mode to re-run tests on every saved change.

Practicalli sets Kaocha test runner as default

🌐 practicalli/neovim-config-redux sets Kaocha as the default test runner

Kaocha test runner set in 🌐 Astrocommunity Clojure language pack

Astrocommunity Clojure language pack
  -- load plugin on filetypes
  ft = { "clojure" },
  init = function()
    vim.g["conjure#log#hud#width"] = 1
    vim.g["conjure#log#hud#enabled"] = false
    vim.g["conjure#log#hud#anchor"] = "SE"
    vim.g["conjure#log#botright"] = true
    vim.g["conjure#extract#context_header_lines"] = 100
    vim.g["conjure#eval#comment_prefix"] = ";; "
    vim.g["conjure#client#clojure#nrepl#connection#auto_repl#enabled"] = false
    vim.g["conjure#client#clojure#nrepl#connection#auto_repl#hidden"] = true
    vim.g["conjure#client#clojure#nrepl#connection#auto_repl#cmd"] = nil
    vim.g["conjure#client#clojure#nrepl#eval#auto_require"] = false
    vim.g["conjure#client#clojure#nrepl#test#runner"] = "kaocha"

    vim.api.nvim_create_autocmd("BufNewFile", {
      group = vim.api.nvim_create_augroup("conjure_log_disable_lsp", { clear = true }),
      pattern = { "conjure-log-*" },
      callback = function() vim.diagnostic.disable(0) end,
      desc = "Conjure Log disable LSP diagnostics",

Include test pathλ︎

Ensure the test directory is included in the classpath when starting a REPL. Use a project or user level alias which defines an :extra-paths key with the ["test"] path

clojure -M:test/env:repl/reloaded

Conjure Test runnersλ︎

, t n to run the tests for the current namespace

, t a to run all tests in the project

Neovim - Conjure Clojure unit test runner with test results in HUD

External test runnerλ︎

Open a terminal in Neovim or a separate terminal session to run start a test runner in watch mode. Tests run automatically when the code changes are saved

Practicalli Clojure CLI config contains aliases for test runner tools

  • :test/run uses Kaocha to run all tests, stopping on first failing test. Add :fail-fast? false argument to run all tests regardless of failure

  • :test/watch as above and puts Kaocha in watch mode, triggering a test run each time a file is saved

Projects created with Practicalli Project Templates include a test and test-watch task to run Kaocha test runner

Run all tests, stoping on first failing test

make test

Watch for changes and run all tests, stoping on first failing test

make test-watch

The make tasks call Clojure CLI with the appropriate alias, e.g. clojure -X:test/run and clojure -X:test/watch

Kaocha test runner for Clojure in watch mode

Test Selectorsλ︎

Use Test selectors to run a sub-set of tests based on selector meta data added to deftest code

(deftest ^:infrastructure function-name-test
  (testing ""
    (is ,,,))

(deftest ^:persistence function-name-test
  (testing ""
    (is ,,,))

Kaocha test runner can focus or skip on a sub-set of unit tests using test id, metadata, namespaces or a specific deftest.

  • :focus or :skip a given namespace or specific test var, i.e. deftest
  • :focus-meta or :skip-meta test selectors (metadata) on test vars, i.e. ^:persistence

Specifying test :id in the tests.edn configuration file allows different test suites to be run, e.g. :unit for unit tests, :spec for specification tests

Focus and skip works with a single test run or with a continuous watcher.

Skip all tests with :persistence metadata

clojure -X:test/watch :skip-meta :persistence

Focus on a specific test namespace

clojure -X:test/watch :focus '["practicalli.gameboard.api.scoreboard-test"]

Focus on a specific unit test (deftest)

clojure -X:test/watch :focus '["practicalli.gameboard.api.scoreboard-test/total-score-test"]

Refine the tests that are watched

Start the watcher with 🌐 focused or skiped tests by name or meta data (test selectors)

Cognitect Labs Test Runner can include or exclude a sub-set of tests, identified by metadata on the var (deftest)

Cognitect Labs Test Runner - inclusions & exclusions