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Version Controlλ︎

There are several ways to interact with Git version control, although Practicalli recommends Neogit interactive git client and Octo to manage GitHub issues and pull requests

  • lazygit terminal UI, embedded in Neovim (AstroNvim only)
  • Neogit git client similar to Emacs Magit, with Diffview integration
  • Octo for GitHub Issue and Pull Requests
  • Open in GitHub
  • Shell out to the command line, :!
  • Git commands in Neovim terminal buffer

Init local repositoryλ︎

Space t f opens floating terminal window in the current project directory root (or which ever directory Neovim was started from).

Initialise a local git repository in the current directory.

git init .

Stage in bufferλ︎

The current hunk or the whole buffer can be staged from the buffer using Git Signs, saving a trip to the Git Status buffer.

Space g H stages the current hunk

Space g S stages the current buffer

Not supported.

Git Statusλ︎

SPC g g opens lazygit status, for minimal UI

AstroNvim Git - Lazygit status AstroNvim Git - Lazygit status

Space g s Space g n ++"t" opens neogit in a new tab for Magit style experience

SPC g s opens Git Status tab, by running :Neogit

Neovim Neogit plugin - git status buffer

GitHub integrationλ︎

Interact with the remote GitHub repository using Octo

List issues from a specific repository

:Octo issue list practicalli/neovim

Neovim Octo GitHub Issues list for practicalli/neovim

Create a pull request on a specific repository

:Octo pr create practicalli/neovim