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Language Providersλ︎

Neovim delegates some features to language providers.

:checkhealth command in Neovim shows if the binaries and tools required by each provider are available in the operating system.

Resolve the issue with providers that generate a warning in the checkhealth report, following the ADVICE steps provided.

Disable Language Providersλ︎

If a language is not used with Neovim, then its provider can be disabled. Details on how to disable a provider are included at the end of the ADVICE in the report section for that provider.

NeoVim checkhealth report - python provider warning

Disable language providers in the init.lua configuration file

-- Disable Language providers
vim.g.loaded_node_provider = 0       --- (1)!
vim.g.loaded_perl_provider = 0
vim.g.loaded_python3_provider = 0
vim.g.loaded_ruby_provider = 0
  1. Example configuration to disable providers is provided in the practicalli/neovim-config-redux configuration

Ignore Language Provider warnings

If the programming language is not used, there are no issues with using Neovim if the warnings are simply ignored