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Evil G menuλ︎

g` in normal mode opens a menu of convenient utilities. Practicalli uses this menu to comment existing lines, jumping to top or bottom of the buffer and changing text case.

Comment lines and regionsλ︎

g c c will comment the current line using the buffer major mode comment character(s). A prompt will ask if no comment character is set for the major mode.

g c with a selected region will comment all lines with the major mode comment character(s)

Jumping aroundλ︎

g g jumps to the top of the buffer, g G to the bottom of the buffer

g d to jump to the source code of a function definition, g D to open that in a different window.

g f to jump to file name under cursor (if file exists).

Changing text caseλ︎

g u to change the current character or selection to lowercase, g U for uppercase.

Toggle case with ~

~ will toggle the case of the current character or selected region.