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Narrowing to a region enables vim commands to be applied to a specific part of the current buffer, rather than the whole buffer.

Common examples include - replacing local variables within a specific function (avoiding affecting other function definitions)

NrrwRgn pluginλ︎

[NrrwRgn plugin] is inspired by the Narrowing feature of Emacs and means to focus on a selected region while making the rest inaccessible.

SPC n r opens a select region in a new split window. The original buffer is protected from changes.

:w to write changes in the narrowed window to the original buffer


:NR - Open the selected region in a new narrowed window :NW - Open the current visual window in a new narrowed window :WR - (In the narrowed window) write the changes back to the original buffer. :NRV - Open the narrowed window for the region that was last visually selected. :NUD - (In a unified diff) open the selected diff in 2 Narrowed windows :NRP - Mark a region for a Multi narrowed window :NRM - Create a new Multi narrowed window (after :NRP) - experimental! :NRS - Enable Syncing the buffer content back (default on) :NRN - Disable Syncing the buffer content back :NRL - Reselect the last selected region and open it again in a narrowed window

Appending ! to most commands opens the narrowed part in the current window instead of a new window.

:WR! closes the narrowed window in addition to writing to the original buffer.


:help NarrowRegion to view the documetation on the NrrwRgn plug use


:NRM is described as experimental by the project readme.