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Neovim Registersλ︎

Neovim use registers to store and access text using Neovim commands.

" to access a register by name.

The name of a register is a number, alphabetical or special character.

SPC f r lists the values of registers in a telescope popup

Yank and paste commit message

Select the text of the commit message

" m y yanks the selected text into register m

Complete the Git commit. When creating a new commit, paste the message from the register

" m p pastes the register text into the commit message buffer


Neovim help - registers

:help registers

" the unnamed register, used by Neovim normal commands, e.g. c d p s x y, etc.

0 to 9 numbered registers containing yank and delete history

- small delete register for text smaller than a line

a to z named registers manually selected, A to Z to append to the text already in the register

: . and % read-only registers use with put commands (last inserted, current file name, recent command)

# alternate buffer file name

= expression register for the result of runing a Neovim command expression

+ and * selection registers for GUI

_ black hole register does not store text, use when normal commands shouldnt update other registers

/ last search pattern register used

Find Registersλ︎

SPC f r opens the list of registers in a telescope popup.

AstroNvim Find Registers - telescope view AstroNvim Find Registers - telescope view

Registers in insert mode

C-r in insert mode pastes the content of the given register, e.g. C-r a to paste the content of "a