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Octo - GitHub issues and PRsλ︎

List, create and edit issues and pull requests from Neovim with Octo package.

Octo connects to GitHub via the GitHub CLI, using a developer token for authentication

Neogit provides a Magit style client, creating commits, pull & push changes with remote repositories.

GitHub interactionλ︎

GitHub CLI

Work with GitHub issues and Pull Requests from the comfort of Neovim.

GitHub CLI to authentication to a GitHub account. Successful login creates a local developer token that is used by Octo to communicate with GitHub.

gh auth login

Octo commandsλ︎

Command line form: Octo <object> <action> [arguments] - Object, Action and Arguments commands

List issues from current project (optionally add a specific repository)

:Octo issue list practicalli/neovim

The account/repository-name is required if Octo cannot find the repository

Neovim Octo GitHub Issues list for practicalli/neovim

Create a pull requests from current project

:Octo pr create

Add a comment to the current topic (issue/pr)

:Octo comment add

:Octo gist list

Neovim Octo package - GitHub Gist list

Octo.nvim configuration options

Octo.nvim configuration options