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Neogit - interactive client for Gitλ︎

Neogit is an interactive git client that provides the core features of version control with Git. Neogit emulates many of the features found in magit.

SPC g s to open :Neogit status buffer

TAB toggles expansion of sections, files and hunks

d provide a side-by-side view of changes

q to quit Neogit and return to the previous tab

Neovim Neogit plugin - git status buffer

Neovim is configured to use the magit style key bindings in practicalli/neovim-config-redux


b opens the branch menu,

  • b - checkout a branch
  • c - create a new branch
  • d - delete a branch, D deletes local and remote branch
  • l - checkout a remote branch and create a local tracking branch
  • m - rename an existing local branch
  • n - create a new branch

Staging changesλ︎

s to stage change under cursor, either file or hunk. S to stage all changes

u to unstage change under cursor, U to unstage all changes

v to select lines to stage within a hunk using s or unstage with u


c for the commit menu

c for a new commit, a to amend the latest commit, w to reword a commit message, e to add staged changes to existing commit

A new commit or amend commit qill open a new window to write a commit message (using a git commit message template if defined)

:wq to save a commit message and initiate the commit.

:q! to cancel the commit from the commit message buffer.

Stashing changesλ︎

Z to open the stash menu

z to stash the working copy and staged files (index)

i to only stash the staged files (index)

Remote changesλ︎

F to open the pull menu, p to pull changes (fetch and merge) from the remote repository, u t pull from the upstream repository, or e to specify the remote and branch names.

P to open the push menu to open, -u to push to the current remote

Confused when remote is not origin

Use e option to push to elsewhere when the remote name is not set to origin. The e option will prompt for a remote name and branch.

Commit historyλ︎

L l to view git commit history log

RET on a log entry shows the commit details in a new window (split)

q to close the commit details window

Modify Git commit historyλ︎

r opens the rebase menu