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Install neovimλ︎

Neovim version 9.5 is currenlyt available as a Termux package

pkg install neovim

Neovim treesitterλ︎

Treesitter provides excellent language syntax parsing and highlighting performance, allowing any Neovim package to benefit.

The nvim-treesitter package is included in the practicalli/astro configuration.

C Compilerλ︎

Install C compiler to compile the parser for each specific programming language.

pkg install clang

gcc is not packaged for Termux, although there are guides to install gcc if preferred. clang has proved to be capable of creating the parsers used in the Practicalli configuration.

Searching filesλ︎

Telescope and other packages that involve searching for files recommend using ripgrep, a highly optomised tool for finding files on the operating system.

pkg install ripgrep

[optional] nodejsλ︎

Optional. Only if node.js is required as a Neovim provider and JavaScript or ClojureScript development is to be done.

pkg install nodejs