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Lazygit version controlλ︎

Command Line or AstroNvim configuration

Lazygit interface not provided by Practicalli Neovim Config Redux


Install lazygit command line tool

Open Lazygitλ︎

SPC g g to open git status with lazygit in a popup window

Change to the root directory of the git managed project.

Run the lazygit rich terminal UI


Use Lazygitλ︎

SPC to stage files or directories in the files section of the UI

c for a simple commit message prompt in the lazygit UI

C to create a commit message within the

Define Editor for Git Commit Messages

Set core.editor in the user Git configuration (i.e. .config/git/config) to the name of the editor to use for commit messages, e.g. nvim, emacsclient) shell title= git config --global core.editor = nvim Alternatively, use the VISUAL or EDITOR environment variable to the choice of editor