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Using Neovimλ︎

The fundamental controls of Neovim which apply across all editing tasks.


File Buffer Window and Tab page Multi-modal Editing

Keyboard mappingsλ︎

:verbose map followed by a key binding shows the location of the configuration that was last used to set the key mapping. Use when its not clear what command a key mapping is calling or if a plugin is over-riding an expected mapping.

Space f n to list all notifications and Enter on the relevant notification to see the details.

:verbose map <C-Up> shows the last place in the neovim config that defines a mapping for Ctrl+Up.

Map Listing: Neovim docs Key Notation: Neovim docs

Editing Toolsλ︎

Multiple Cursors

Writing Toolsλ︎


Development Toolsλ︎

Comments Clojure Development Version Control

Format and Lint tools are installed via Mason


SPC u s toggles spellcheck, marking misspelt words with a rew wavy underline

] s jumps to next misspelt word, [ s jumps to previous misspelt word,

z = shows numbered list of possible words, enter the number next to the work to replace the misspelt word.

z g to add the current word to the spell list, infroming spellcheck that this is a correct word.