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Notifications only in AstroNvim, not the Practicalli Neovim configuration

Space f n lists the history of notifications for the current sesion

Enter to open the highlighted item in the list in its own popup

AstroNvim Notifications history AstroNvim Notifications history

Notification popups show information, warnings and errors.

nvim-notify example

Configure notificationsλ︎

Notifications are controlled by 🌐 nvim-notify

Practicalli astronvim-config overrides several default values in plugins/core.lua

  • top_down position of notifications, false shows popups from bottom of screen
  • timeout value controls how long a popup displays, defautl 3000
  • level of information displayed, level 3 hides less important information, e.g. file write messages, default 5

Practicalli Configuration for notifications

  -- Configure notify popups
    opts = {
      top_down = false,
      timeout = 1000,
      -- log level - 3 hide file write messages - default 5
      level = 3,
      -- background_color = "#000000",

Noice uses nvim-notify configuration

Noice replaces the UI for messages, command line and popup menus, although uses the configuration of nvim-notify for position and popup timing.