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Slack API Methodsλ︎

An access token allows the calling of the methods described by the scopes requested during a Slack App installation, e.g., the chat:write scope allows an app to post messages.

The app isn't a member of any channels when installed. Choose a channel suitable for testing purposes and /invite the Slack app to the channel.

You can find the corresponding id for the channel that your app just joined by looking through the results of the conversations.list method:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer xoxb-1234..."

You'll receive a list of conversation objects.

Now, post a message to the same channel your app just joined with the chat.postMessage method:

curl -X POST -F channel=C1234 -F text="Reminder: we've got a softball game tonight!" -H "Authorization: Bearer xoxb-1234..."

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Voila! We're already well on our way to putting a full-fledged Slack app on the table.

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