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Connecting to Heroku Postgres from Postgres Clientsλ︎

  • Command Line
  • GUI tools
  • Operations tools

Heroku Postgres databases are accessible from anywhere via a secure http connection, so you can connect your favourite Postgres client.

View Provisioned Postgres Data storesλ︎

Login to to see all the provisioned Heroku Postgres data stores (postgres, redis, etc.) and data clips.

Heroku Data Dashboard - data stores

View Datastore add-onλ︎

Login to to see the dashboard of Heroku Applications created for that account. Select a specific Application to see what Datastore add-on is attached

Heroku Dashboard - Banking on Clojure overview

DATABASE_URL Configuration Variableλ︎

Provisioning an Heroku Postgres add-on automatically adds a DATABASE_URL environment variable to the Heroku app. Use this value to connect consistently throughout the life of your database from the Heroku application

To see the value of the DATABSAE_URL use the Heroku Toolbelt command heroku config, specifying the app name if you created multiple Heroku apps for the current project

heroku config

heroku config --app my-app-name

Heroku Toolbelt - view the DATABASE_URL

Hint::Database Clients and other Servicesλ︎

The value of the DATABASE_URL can be used to connect remote database clients (DBeaver, PGAdmin) as well as other services that require a data store.