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Clojure powered Slack Applicationλ︎

Slack applications provide a way to extend the functionality of Slack and provide integration with other services, e.g. GitHub, Atlassian Jira & Confluence, etc.

Development process Overviewλ︎

  • create a slack account and slack space (to test the application)
  • create a slack app
  • deploy the slack app in the slack test workspace created previously
  • Create a clojure project and interact with the Slack API
  • Setup ngrok domain for Slack app to access a locally running Clojure web service (to respond to interaction with the app - assuming the slack isnt just push driven)
  • alternatively, webservices connection can be configured between the locally running Clojure app and slack (desktop app required? - how does this work...)

  • deploy clojure application to public cloud (AWS,, etc)