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Application serversλ︎

Application servers provide a common platform services to support server-side running of JVM applications (hence the term application server).

These servers are often referred to more generically as web servers as they mostly work over http / https.

Clojure uses embedded servers to support REPL Driven Development, so both new function definitions and server restarts can be managed within the context of a running REPL (avoiding the need to restart the REPL).

Clojure WebApps simplified stack

Application componentsλ︎

  • Routing
  • Requests
  • Responses
  • Middleware

Practicalli defacto library choicesλ︎

Practicalli defacto choices for building web services:

Library Purpose
ring/ring Provides Jetty and Ring - managing requests and responses in Clojure using hash-maps
metosin/reitit Routing of request and responses, support for ring handlers and middleware (and interceptors)

Example Projectsλ︎

Project Description
Status Monitor Clojure CLI project using Httpkit, Compojure for routing, Hiccup and SVG graphics. Deployed via CircleCI on Heroku
Banking On Clojure Clojure CLI project using httpkit, Ring utilities, Compojure for routing. relational data store using next.jdbc, HoneySQL, clojure.spec & postgresql. Generative testing using clojure.spec
ToDo app Leiningen project using Ring (Jetty), Compojure for routing and Hiccup for HTML generation