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TODO web application - Leiningen projectλ︎

TODO::Content update through Winter 2020λ︎

This is the original project example developed several years ago, so some of the library versions may be out of date.

Practicalli recommends using next.jdbc to talk to postgresql and examples of this are covered in the new content being created for the banking on clojure project.

A simple todo list server side web application

The TODO work for the todo project includes:

  • Leiningen - project configuration and build (add Clojure CLI tools)
  • ring - jetty application server and request/response management (review)
  • compojure - routing of requests (review)
  • hiccup - HTML content written using Clojure (review)
  • Postgresql - relational database for todo items (add next.jdbc library)
  • CircleCI - continuous testing and integration
  • Heroku - deployment to staging and production (pipeline)