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Create a new handlerλ︎

(defn trying-hiccup
  (html5 {:lang "en"}
         [:head (include-js "myscript.js") (include-css "mystyle.css")]
           [:div [:h1 {:class "info"} "This is Hiccup"]]
           [:div [:p "Take a look at the HTML generated in this page, compared to the about page"]]
           [:div [:p "Style-wise there is no difference between the pages as we haven't added anything in the stylesheet, however the hiccup page generates a more complete page in terms of HTML"]]]))

Hint::Named content sectionsλ︎

As content grows, refactor it into def expressions to give content sections names. Pages can use names in the handler code that represent the content, simplifying the handler code.

As the project grows, break code into a view namespace with layouts and specific views defined in their own namespace.