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Git Statusλ︎

Show the status of the files in the source controlled project, comparing the working copy with the latest commit on the current branch.

A file can have one of the following status values

  • untracked
  • modified
  • staged

A file can have both modified and staged statuses if only specific lines or hunks were staged.

Git Aliasλ︎

Define a command line alias for Git, e.g. git sr or git sitrep that includes status command flags to show a short-format report that also includes the branch name

Define Git alias for status

    sitrep = status --short --branch
    sr = status --short --branch

Report across repositoriesλ︎

Use the mgitstatus command line tool to show the status of all the repositories under a give directory

cd ~/projects/practicalli && mgitstatus

The status includes the following types:

  • ok - no changes
  • untracked files
  • uncommitted changes
  • needs push (branchs)
  • needs pull (branches)

mgitstatus example