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Regolith Desktopλ︎

Regolith 3 is a keyboard focused tiling window manager on top of Ubuntu or Debian, supporting X11 and Wayland (sway).

Excellent defaults make using Regolith very quick to get started and customisation is via a simple ~/.config/regolith3/Xresources file.

Install Guide Basic Use Configuration guide


Use a Reglolith ISO image if installing the Operating System anew.

Or add the Regolith public key and package repository to an existing Ubuntu or Debian Linux operating system.

Regolith 3 Install Guide

Post Installλ︎

Regolith 3 Configuration guide

Edit ~/.config/regolith3/Xresources to customise Regolith (version 3)

Practicalli Xresources configuration
!! Postion of status bar    top

!! Theme
gnome.wm.theme: Gruvbox

!! Workspace Icons
!! Icons to represent purpose of each workspace:
!! issues, terminal, Clojure, db, chat, settings, music, meetings/screencats, browser   1:<span> </span><span font_desc='FontAwesome 14'>1 </span><span foreground='#4455ff'></span><span> </span>   2:<span> </span><span font_desc='FontAwesome 14'>2 </span><span foreground='#F7F7F7'></span><span> </span>   3:<span> </span><span font_desc='FontAwesome 14'>3 </span><span foreground='#339e35'></span><span> </span>   4:<span> </span><span font_desc='FontAwesome 14'>4 </span><span foreground='#f99b11'></span><span> </span>   5:<span> </span><span font_desc='FontAwesome 14'>5 </span><span foreground='#bf1e0f'></span><span> </span>   6:<span> </span><span font_desc='FontAwesome 14'>6 </span><span foreground='#79ace6'></span><span> </span>   7:<span> </span><span font_desc='FontAwesome 14'>7 </span><span foreground='#d489ff'></span><span> </span>   8:<span> </span><span font_desc='FontAwesome 14'>8 </span><span foreground='#F7F7F7'></span><span> </span>   9:<span> </span><span font_desc='FontAwesome 14'>9 </span><span foreground='#F7F7F7'></span><span> </span>   10:<span> </span><span font_desc='FontAwesome 14'>10 </span><span foreground='#ee8424'></span><span> </span>

Default terminalλ︎

Set the default terminal to run when pressing Super Enter

Open a terminal and use the update-alternatives command to list the available terminal programms. Install the terminal app if not listed.

Adminstrator access required to set default terminal

sudo is used as adminstrator rights are required to change the default terminal. The list of available terminals can be seen without admin rights, although cannot be changed.

sudo update-alternatives --config x-terminal-emulator

Press the corresponding number key to select the desired terminal, e.g. 2 to select Kitty terminal

There are 3 choices for the alternative x-terminal-emulator (providing /usr/bin/x-terminal-emulator).

  Selection    Path                             Priority   Status
* 0            /usr/bin/gnome-terminal.wrapper   40        auto mode
  1            /usr/bin/gnome-terminal.wrapper   40        manual mode
  2            /usr/bin/kitty                    20        manual mode
  3            /usr/bin/urxvt                    20        manual mode

Practicalli recommends Kitty

Kitty terminal is a very easy to use and configure terminal application with great support for running Neovim and other terminal applications.


List the available Regolith look packages to see the available themes

apt list | grep regolith-look-

Install the desired theme using the regolith-look command

regolith-look set grubox

Regolith Desktop should update with the new theme settings. Use regolith-look refresh to force an update to the new theme settings or if further changes are made to the configuration.


Use the Settings app to select from the available backgrounds (if the theme doent set the desired wallpaper)