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Docker Desktopλ︎

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Docker Extensions used by Practicalli

Docker Desktop - images view

Docker desktop provides an easy way to manage Docker images, containers and volumes. Sign in to Docker Desktop to manage your images on DockerHub.

Docker Desktop Overview

Extensions Marketplaceλ︎

There is a growing marketplace of extensions that provide very useful tools to extend the capabilities of Docker Desktop. Search within the Docker Desktop extensions or for extensions on Docker Hub.

  • Resource Usage monitor resources (cpu, memory, network, disk) used by containers and docker compose systems over time
  • Disk Usage optimise use of local disk space by removing unused images, containers and volumes
  • Volumes Backup & Share to backup, clone, restore and share Docker volumes easily
  • Logs Explorer view all container logs in one place to assist troubleshooting
  • Postgres Admin PGAdmin4 open source management tool for Postgres
  • Trivy scan local and remote images for security vulnerabilities
  • Snyk scan local and remote images for security vulnerabilities
  • Ddosify high-performance, open-source and simple load testing tool

Docker Desktop extension - disk usage

Learning Centerλ︎

Resources for learning how to use Docker effectively



  • container status
  • view details
  • logs
  • inspect - environment, port values
  • terminal shell within the container
  • files - file browser for the container (check for uberjar, test-data, etc)
  • stats- basic resource usage (Resource usage extension provides view over all containers)

  • start / stop containers


Dev Environmentsλ︎