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Open, honest and transparent communication is the foundation to developing and maintaining a culture for engineering teams and the wider organisation.

The culture of an organisation comes from the sum of its parts, the people and their actions.

This is the way - Mandolorian Culture, Star Wars

A thriving culture is demonstrated by the way things are naturally done by the engineering team.

Unconstructive actions would also naturally feel the incorrect way.

Code of Conduct

Establishing a code of conduct sets the environment in which people interact with each other.

The code should define expectations of positive and constructive behaviour an guide people away from innappropriate and offensive behaviour.

The code often aludes to the type of language that should be used when interacting with others, either verbal, written or body language.

Create a cultureλ︎

A culture should be deliberately designed and cultivated.

Culture as a Strategy - too important to leave to chance. - Maria Campbell

Create an environment for culture to grow and encourage collaboration so that culture becomes part of everyones daily flow.

  • discuss the concept of culture and why its valuable
  • identify important cultural aspects (individual, team, organisation)
  • share & ingrain cultural aspects throughout work and interaction
  • continually encourage cultural discussions and feedback to reinforce adoption

Inception of a Culture - John Stevenson, Practicalli

Inception of a Culture to everyone in an organisation would make adoption simpler (but not like it works in the movie)

Culture alignment over carbon copy

Culture can be viewed as a living entity and as with biological species a culture must be open to growing and adapting to changing circumstances whist still remaining true to its core values and ideals.

When people are only hired with carbon copies of existing culture there is no room for growth and culture can become stifling and too much of a constraint. When significant change has to be managed by this carbon copy culture, there is a far greater risk of failure.

Be the change you seekλ︎

When a person believes a benefitial change can be made to culture then they should feel able to drive that change.

Initial feedback on the the value and context of a change should be gained, helping form how that change can be effectively adopted.