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Kitty terminalλ︎

Kitty Logo Kitty Logo

Kitty Terminal is a fast, feature-rich, GPU based terminal emulator providing additional features via+kitten extensions.


Use the installer script to install in ~/.local/ on Linux and /Applications/ on macOS.

Install script for Linux & MacOSX

curl -L | sh /dev/stdin \

Add kitty and kitten to the operating system path by creating symbolic links

Install script for Linux & MacOSX

ln -sf ~/.local/apps/kitty/kitty-<version>/bin/kitty \
~/.local/apps/kitty/kitty-<version>/bin/kitten \

Include kitty in desktop launchers using the kitty.desktop file

Symbolic link for Kitty desktop application

ln -s ~/.local/apps/kitty/kitty-<version>/share/applications/kitty.desktop \

Open text files and images in kitty via the file manager

Symbolic link for Kitty file manager support

ln -s ~/.local/apps/kitty/kitty-<version>/share/applications/kitty-open.desktop \

Alternatively, download from GitHub releases or use one of the package managers for your operating system.

sudo apt install kitty
brew install --cask kitty

Copy the installed configuration to make personal changes, or start a new configuration file in ~/.config/kitty/kitty.conf

cp /usr/share/doc/kitty/examples/kitty.conf ~/.config/kitty/


Practicalli recommends the following configuration for Kitty terminal across multiple operating systems

Practicalli Kitty configuration
# ---------------------------------------------------------
# Practicalli Kitty terminal theme
# Configuration using GitHub theme with light and dark options
# using FiraCode font and NerdFont symbol mappings for icon support
# for powerline10k and web-devicons in Neovim
# ---------------------------------------------------------

# ---------------------------------------------------------
# Colorscheme / Icons

# Icons from NerdFont (install Nerdfont symbols only theme)
include ./nerdfont-icons.conf

# `kitty +kitten theme` to browse available themes and apply one
# `kitty +kitten theme theme-name` to change themes automatically
# Favorite themese include:
# Catppuccin-Latte and Catppuccin-Mocha
# GitHub Light and GitHub Dark

# GitHub Dark
include current-theme.conf
# ---------------------------------------------------------

# ---------------------------------------------------------
# Feedback
enable_audio_bell no
# visual_bell_color none
# ---------------------------------------------------------

# ---------------------------------------------------------
# Tab styles
# fade slant separator powerline custom hidden
tab_bar_style powerline
tab_bar_align left
tab_powerline_style angled
# ---------------------------------------------------------

# ---------------------------------------------------------
# Fonts
font_family FiraCode

# Patched fonts (not recommended for Kitty)
# font_family MesloLGS NF
# font_family Fira Code NF

# bold_font        auto
# italic_font      auto
# bold_italic_font auto
font_size 14

# adjust_line_height  0
# adjust_column_width 0
# adjust_baseline 0
# ---------------------------------------------------------


Nerd Fonts are recommended to provide icon support in Kitty

Download a Nerd Font and configure the font in kitty.conf

Kitty Font and Font Family

font_family FiraCode Nerd Font
font_size 16

Or download the Symbols Nerd Font font package for use with any font and add the Nerd Font symbols to Kitty via a symbol map configuration.

Kitty Configuration for Nerd Fonts symbol map
# ---------------------------------------------------------
# NerdFont icons via symbol maps
# Kitty recommends mapping symbols rather than using patched fonts
# Download symbols only font from
# <>
# List available fonts with:
#   kitty +list-fonts
# Troubleshoot missing/incorrect characters with:
#   kitty --debug-font-fallback
# Reference: <>

# Symbols Nerd Font - complete symbol_map

# "Nerd Fonts - Pomicons"
symbol_map  U+E000-U+E00D Symbols Nerd Font

# "Nerd Fonts - Powerline"
symbol_map U+e0a0-U+e0a2,U+e0b0-U+e0b3 Symbols Nerd Font

# "Nerd Fonts - Powerline Extra"
symbol_map U+e0a3-U+e0a3,U+e0b4-U+e0c8,U+e0cc-U+e0d2,U+e0d4-U+e0d4 Symbols Nerd Font

# "Nerd Fonts - Symbols original"
symbol_map U+e5fa-U+e62b Symbols Nerd Font

# "Nerd Fonts - Devicons"
symbol_map U+e700-U+e7c5 Symbols Nerd Font

# "Nerd Fonts - Font awesome"
symbol_map U+f000-U+f2e0 Symbols Nerd Font

# "Nerd Fonts - Font awesome extension"
symbol_map U+e200-U+e2a9 Symbols Nerd Font

# "Nerd Fonts - Octicons"
symbol_map U+f400-U+f4a8,U+2665-U+2665,U+26A1-U+26A1,U+f27c-U+f27c Symbols Nerd Font

# "Nerd Fonts - Font Linux"
symbol_map U+F300-U+F313 Symbols Nerd Font

#  Nerd Fonts - Font Power Symbols"
symbol_map U+23fb-U+23fe,U+2b58-U+2b58 Symbols Nerd Font

#  "Nerd Fonts - Material Design Icons"
symbol_map U+f500-U+fd46 Symbols Nerd Font

# "Nerd Fonts - Weather Icons"
symbol_map U+e300-U+e3eb Symbols Nerd Font

# Misc Code Point Fixes
symbol_map U+21B5,U+25B8,U+2605,U+2630,U+2632,U+2714,U+E0A3,U+E615,U+E62B Symbols Nerd Font
# ---------------------------------------------------------

Multiple sessionsλ︎

Create a new terminal session without leaving kitty by creating a new tab or a window split.

Ctrl+Shift+T to create a new session in a tab window

Ctrl+Shift+Left or Right to switch between tabs to the left or right

Ctrl+Shift+Q to close a window

Ctrl+Shift+Enter to create a new session in split window

Ctrl+Shift+[ or ] to switch between window splits

Ctrl+Shift+W to close a window

Other common commands include:

Ctrl+Shift+= to increase the font size without restarting kitty

Ctrl+Shift+- to increase the font size without restarting kitty

Ctrl+Shift+F11 to toggle kitty full-screen

Ctrl+Shift+c copy from kitty terminal to clipboard

Ctrl+Shift+v paste into to kitty terminal from clipboard

Ctrl+Shift+s paste into to kitty terminal from clipboard Paste from Selection Ctrl+Shift+S

Kitten featuresλ︎

kittens provide additional features. Recommended features include:

  • Theme kitten - in-terminal theme browser and selector
  • diff - fast, side-by-side diff for the terminal with syntax highlighting
  • Clipboard - Copy/paste to the clipboard from shell scripts, even over SSH
  • SSH - SSH with automatic shell integration, connection re-use for low latency and easy cloning of local shell and editor configuration to the remote host


Theme kitten provides a simple way to browse available themes and select a theme for use

Browse available themes and apply one, or Ctrl+c to cancel

kitty +kitten themes

Change themes automatically to the given theme name (the theme must exist)

kitty +kitten theme theme-name
Themes used by Practicalli

Practicalli uses the Gruvbox Material Light Soft as the light theme

kitty +kitten themes Gruvbox Material Light Soft
Practicalli uses Gruvbox Material Dark Soft as the dark theme
kitty +kitten themes Gruvbox Material Dark Soft

The first time the theme kitten is run the following config is added to the ~.config/kitty/kitty.conf file and the chosen theme configuration written to the ~/.config/kitty/current-theme.conf file

This configuration shows the name of the theme, which is also in the top of the current-theme.conf file

# GitHub Dark
include current-theme.conf

Icon support from Nerd fonts, download and include the configuration to show icons in terminal based editors (e.g. Neovim, Emacs, etc.)

include ./nerdfont-icons.conf


The Diff kitten provides a fast way to compare files, although there is no support for merging changes.

Kitty supports diff of image files, showing the two images side by side.

kitty +kitten diff file1 file2

, or > jumps to next diff match

. or < jumps to previous diff match


The +kitten option ensures the remote environment is configured correctly for the Kitty terminal

kitty +kitten ssh hostname

Image viewerλ︎

View images with

kitty +kitten icat /path/to/image

create an alias in your shell configuration file, e.g. shell-aliases

View images with

alias icat="kitten icat"

Kitty kitten icat