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Practicalli Engineering Playbookλ︎


Effective Communication is the fundamental challenge for all software engineering projects

John Stevenson, Practialli

The Playbook and Plays concept is used to curate a consistent information, so the right information can be found and used more effectively by all.

  • A Play is a document that details practices and an approach for a specific task
  • A Playbook is a collection of Plays that are related by topic, e.g. Billie Engineering playbook could cover the practices for deployment, accessing databases, system integration testing, optimising builds in docker.

Engineering Playbook Initiative

Establishing a playbook within an organisation encourages information sharing across teams and provides an effective way for disperate teams to learn from each other.

Engineering Playbook concept

New Book - content under development

Practicalli Engineering Playbook was started in January 2022 in an attempt to codify the last few decades of development experience, so this will be an on-going work

Discussions and feedbackλ︎

Contributions are welcome via GitHub issues and pull requests, or discuss the book on the Clojurians Slack community.

Ask questions on #practicalli channel of Clojurians Slack

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Sponsor practicalli-johnny

All sponsorship funds are used to support the continued development of Practicalli series of books and videos, although most work is done at personal cost and time.

Thanks to Cognitect, Nubank and a wide range of other sponsors from the Clojure community for your continued support

Creative commons licenseλ︎

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 ShareAlike License (including images & stylesheets).